General Information

Zuna was one of two gameworlds part of the sixth batch of Game World Merges (Aurora + Calva + Inferna). Its creation was officially announced here.

Zuna is an experimental gameworld, and characters from any type of server are allowed to transfer here. Transferring away is impossible, however

Characters from the original worlds (pre-merge) were given the option to use a free character transfer voucher. Many characters where transfered away before the merge happening due to Zuna character transfer restriction. Thus seen as a "Prison world".

This has made Zuna an highly impopular world. Peaking barely 100 players on its first few days.

The hardcore pvp mode of Zuna attracted some new players which transfered in to battle the ruling guild Hazard. Fights occured on daily basis until the invaders got tired and quit due to the sheer number of Hazard players.

The first Ferumbras event to happen occured on March 14th 2018. The first Ferumbras hat was claimed by the player Slayze Avatar.

Players with the best skills

Golden Trophy of ExcellenceLevelSlayze Avatar753
Spellbook of Ancient ArcanaMagicSlayze Avatar117
Great ShieldShieldingFairouz Lee119
The DevileyeDistanceEjkum hejkum ratuj129
The EpiphanySwordFadystr126
Dark Trinity MaceClubPomson123
Solar AxeAxeKyle el Manipulador123
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