Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Farmine
Position 130.82, 121.231, 8
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Djinn
Occupational Properties
Job Guard
Other Properties
Version 8.6
June 30, 2010
Status Active
You see Zumtah.
  • I have to check the candles again soon...
  • Hmmm. Over here, human.
  • Muhahahaha. Ha.


The prison chamber of the Lion's Den.


Zumtah has already spent 278 years in his realm, without leaving once. He likes to see the creatures that are thrown into the prison turn desperate and eventually die.

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Player: hi
Zumtah: Another visitor to this constricted, cosy, calm realm, perfect except for an {exit}. Muhaha.
Player: exit
Zumtah: No exit, no escape, no way out. Muhaha. You stay. Are you giving up then?
Player: yes
Zumtah: Right, stay down here with me, we will have a great time. Perhaps, you not as much as me, muhahahaha.
Player: name/Zumtah/djinn
Zumtah: I am Zumtah, Zumtah the impeccable, Zumtah the marvellous, Zumtah the... the... eternal.
Player: job
Zumtah: I wait. I wait for someone like you to come here. I wait for them to grow disconsolate. I wait for them to despair. And I wait for them to die. Muhahaha.
Player: humans
Zumtah: I have seen many of them. I have seen many of them die. In here, with me. Perhaps you will be pleased to meet them. Not long and you will join their ranks. Muhaha.
Player: lizards
Zumtah: Pesky creatures. Many of them have been brought here, many of them died here. Humans, lizards, beasts, they all die the same. Down here, with me. Muhahaha.
Player: Zao
Zumtah: The land you are currently dwelling in, human. Don't you have any sense of your surroundings?
Player: bye
Zumtah: Muhahaha.

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