You see Ztiss
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    Zao Palace


    Ztiss is the Magistrate of the entire Zaoan continent outside of Razachai.He is part of The New Frontier Quest.


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    Player: hi
    Ztiss: Be greeted my .. {guezt}.
    Player: name
    Ztiss: I'm Ztiss!
    Player: job
    Ztiss: Ziz iz not for you to azk. I work for zomeone of immenze power. He haz an offer for you.
    Player: dragon
    Ztiss: Ze dragonz are ze rulerz of ziz land. Zeir wize decizionz lead our people and zeir power protectz uz.
    Player: land
    Ztiss: Ziz land iz ze home of our people. We call it Zao, after ze firzt great leader of our people! Zao ruled for many hundred yearz. ...
    Ztiss: He united ze tribez under hiz rule. He tamed ze firzt animalz and taught hiz people to zeed and harvezt. ...
    Ztiss: He ztole ze zecret of zteel from ze evil lordz of ze deep and flooded zeir cavez to drown zem. ...
    Ztiss: He fought ze many-eyed horrorz and enzlaved zem. When zey finally rebelled, Zao had learnt enough of zeir magic to crush zem. ...
    Ztiss: He led hiz armiez to conquer ze whole continent. After many centuriez, he choze ze mozt worzy of hiz offzpring in a battle on ze Izle of Ztrife az hiz zuccezzor. ...
    Ztiss: Zen he azcended to ze zky to watch over hiz people from the cloudz for all eternity.
    Player: zao
    Ztiss: Ziz land iz ruled by ze immortal dragon emperor! Ze barbarianz in ze zouz are juzt a nuizanze. Zoon ze whole land will again be in our handz. Zo it iz zmart to ztay on good termz wiz uz.
    Player: barbarianz
    Ztiss: Zere are zo many barbarianz. It'z a time conzuming and difficult tazk to cleanze ze land from zeir influence. Ze mozt dangerouz zreat are ze orcz. ...
    Ztiss: No matter how many of zem you kill, zey juzt come back in even greater numberz. ...
    Ztiss: Ze minotaurz are a more zubtle zreat. We zought we had exterminated zem, but zomehow zey zurvived and now rule over ze orcz. ...
    Ztiss: Alzo, zeir iz a zmall number of primitive humanz around.
    Player: humanz
    Ztiss: Humanz are of no importance. Zey are wizout power and lack ze zkillz and manpower to poze a zreat to uz.
    Player: orcz
    Ztiss: Zey are ze worzt of ze barbarianz, vile and brutal zey aim only at deztruction.
    Player: minotaurz
    Ztiss: Zey are zomewhat enigmatic. Zey zeem to be ze leaderz of ze orcz. If we got rid of zem, we would probably eliminate ze orc zreat az well.
    Player: emperor
    Ztiss: Ze mighty dragon emperor iz immortal. Hiz power iz unchallenged and hiz wizdom iz unparalleled. He rezidez in ze dragon palace behind ze great wall.
    Player: palace
    Ztiss: Ze palace iz a mozt magnificant place zat only ze mozt honourable officialz and ze dragon kingz may enter.
    Player: kingz
    Ztiss: Ze dragon kingz are ze mozt truzted followerz of ze emperor. Zey replaced ze higher ranking lizardz in ze hierarchy when ze rule of ze dragon emperor waz eztablished.
    Player: great wall
    Ztiss: King Chong III ordered ze begin of ze wall'z conztruction in ze zirteen'z year of hiz reign. Ze wall waz built az lazt line of defenze againzt barbarianz az well az a boundary between ze lower and upper clazzez.
    Player: bye
    Ztiss: Hurry, you no longer have any buzinezz here.