You see Zoltan
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Edron Ivory Towers, two floors up in southern tower.


Zoltan sells high level spells for all vocations.

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He gives you permission to enter Ferumbras' Citadel on Kharos for 500 gp, he'll give you it only if you have already reached the Ferumbras' Citadel entrance. He can also give you the Mage/Summoner Hat addon if you give him Ferumbras' Hat.

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Trade Details


Item   Value
Ferumbras' Hat 1Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink10000
  • 1 By saying Ferumbras' Hat after delivering a hat to Zoltan.


Druid spells Req. level Spell cost
Mass Healing362,200 gp
Wrath of Nature556,000 gp
Eternal Winter608,000 gp
Paralyse541,900 gp
Ultimate Ice Strike10015,000 gp
Ultimate Terra Strike9015,000 gp
Sorcerer spells Req. level Spell cost
Energy Bomb372,300 gp
Rage of the Skies556,000 gp
Hell's Core608,000 gp
Ultimate Flame Strike9015,000 gp
Ultimate Energy Strike10015,000 gp
Paladin spells Req. level Spell cost
Divine Caldera503,000 gp
Swift Foot556,000 gp
Sharpshooter608,000 gp
Knight spells Req. level Spell cost
Protector556,000 gp
Blood Rage608,000 gp
Fierce Berserk907,500 gp
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