Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Rookgaard
Position 125.21, 125.204, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Guard
Other Properties
Version 7.11-7.2
Status Active
You see Zerbrus.
NPC Bubble D
  • Are you injured or poisoned? I can help you.
  • For Rookgaard! For Tibia!
  • No monster shall go past me.
  • The premium side of Rookgaard lies beyond.
  • Want to know what monsters are good for you at your level? Just ask me!


The premium bridge out of Rookgaard's city, premium side


Zerbrus protects the city from dangerous creatures. He will heal you if you are Poisoned, Burning or Electrified, and if you are heavily wounded he will heal you up to 65 health.


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Player: hi
Zerbrus: <nods> At your service, player, protecting the village against monsters.
Player: name
Zerbrus: Zerbrus, at your service.
Player: help
Zerbrus: I have to stay here, sorry. But I can heal you if you are wounded. I have also valuable information about monsters.
Player: heal
Zerbrus: You aren't looking really bad. Eat some food to regain strength.
Player: protecting or job
Zerbrus: I'm the guard of this bridge. I defend Rookgaard against the beasts of the wilderness and the dungeons, and even of the stinking sewers.
Player: wilderness
Zerbrus: There are wolves, bears, snakes, deer, and spiders in the wilderness, past this bridge.
Player: dungeons
Zerbrus: I can mark you some dungeons on your map if you ask me about monsters suited for your level.
Player: sewers
Zerbrus: The sewers are crowded with rats. They make fine targets for young heroes.
Player: monsters
Zerbrus: Hmm, player. I really don't know if you should go into the wilderness without a shield. You should earn some money by hunting rats under the village first until you can afford at least a wooden shield.
You've already grown some, player. You can either stay with rats or leave town to hunt spiders or snakes. I'll mark some spawns on your map.
Player: rabbit
Zerbrus: They don't pose a threat. However, if you need food, they are good meat providers.
Player: rat
Zerbrus: They're not that dangerous, but don't let yourself get cornered by many of them. They still can hurt.
Player: snake
Zerbrus: Snakes can poison you too, but their poison is usually not as dangerous as that of poison spiders. Just be careful and kill them fast.
Player: spider
Zerbrus: There are two types of spiders on this island: normal spiders and poison spiders. As their name says, the latter ones can poison you which will cause a constant loss of your health. Beware of them!
Player: wolf
Zerbrus: You need a stronger weapon than the starter club to kill wolves. Maybe a sabre or a short sword would do.
Player: troll
Zerbrus: Once you have upgraded your equipment a little - maybe leather stuff - and got a better weapon, you should be able to kill trolls.
Player: bear
Zerbrus: There is a bear cave close to this bridge. Be careful, though, they hit hard!
Player: wasp
Zerbrus: Wasp hives exist only behind the north bridge, so ask Dallheim for information. I'm glad there are no wasps here. They always make me jump.
Player: orc
Zerbrus: The orcs have a hideout under the troll cave, just descend deep. Still, be very careful!
Player: spearman
Zerbrus: The orcs have a hideout under the troll cave, just descend deep. Still, be very careful!
Player: minotaur
Zerbrus: Minotaurs are very strong. You will need a group of people or at least level 6 and good equipment to be able to kill them.
Player: trade, equipment, buy, sell, food, weapon, armor, sabre, sword or potion
Zerbrus: Sorry, I don't trade. Ask the shop owners for a trade instead.
Player: god
Zerbrus: I'm a follower of Banor.
Player: Banor
Zerbrus: The heavenly warrior! Read books to learn about him.
Player: book
Zerbrus: There are many books in the academy. Theory can be just as important as practice.
Player: academy
Zerbrus: It's north of the temple.
Player: bank
Zerbrus: Before you fight monsters, deposit your money there. If you die, you won't lose it if it's save in the bank.
Player: temple
Zerbrus: A place of protection. Nothing can harm you there.
Player: time
Zerbrus: My duty is eternal. Time is of no importance.
Player: king
Player: magic
Zerbrus: You will learn about magic soon enough.
Player: Tibia
Zerbrus: In the world of Tibia, many challenges await the brave adventurer.
Player: Rookgaard
Zerbrus: I'd give my life for protecting this village and its citizens.
Player: citizen
Zerbrus: I'm not a gossiper, but if you want to know something about a certain Rookgaardian, ask.
Player: Al Dee
Zerbrus: There's something about this guy I don't like.
Player: Amber
Zerbrus: She's very attractive. Too bad my duty leaves me no time to date her.
Player: Billy
Zerbrus: He's a farmer. A little more friendly than his cousin Willy, he also buys and sells food.
Player: Cipfried
Zerbrus: He guards the temple and can heal you if you are badly injured or poisoned, just like me.
Player: Dallheim
Zerbrus: He does a fine job, protecting the north bridge. He's been on duty longer than me and knows the north side of Rookgaard well.
Player: Dixi
Zerbrus: She's Obi's granddaughter and deals with armors and shields. Her shop is south west of town, close to the temple.
Player: Hyacinth
Zerbrus: One of these reclusive druids.
Player: Lee'Delle
Zerbrus: Her shop is just north of the bridge. She really has good offers.
Player: Lily
Zerbrus: Gentle girl, but a little to esoteric for my taste. However, her potions might come in handy.
Player: Loui
Zerbrus: Such a chicken-hearted person.
Player: Norma
Zerbrus: I don't approve of her opening a bar. Those drunken adventurers stumbling over the bridge at nighttime are not especially helpful in improving the situation.
Player: Obi
Zerbrus: He sells weapons. His shop is south west of town, close to the temple.
Player: Oracle
Zerbrus: You can find the oracle on the top floor of the academy, just above Seymour. Go there when you are level 8.
Player: Paulie
Zerbrus: The local bank clerk.
Player: Santiago
Zerbrus: He dedicated his life to welcoming newcomers to this island.
Player: Seymour
Zerbrus: His job of teaching young heroes is important for the survival of all of us.
Player: Tom
Zerbrus: He's the local tanner. You could try selling fresh corpses or leather to him.
Player: Willie
Zerbrus: He's quite rude. Also, he buys and sells food.
Player: Zirella
Zerbrus: She has her own problems.
Player: bye
Zerbrus: Bye, player.
Player: hi
Zerbrus: Greetings young traveller.
Zerbrus: Hm.

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