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General Information

Zeluna was one of two gameworlds part of the fourth batch of Game World Merges (Aurea + Elysia + Valoria). Its creation was officially announced here.

War in Zeluna - History and facts

On Mar 31 2016, CipSoft had announced the merge of Aurea, Elsyia and Valoria. That announce created a lot of tension and animosity between the leaders of those servers.

Aurea was in war(Punishers vs Polish team), Elysia(Busted) and Valoria(Elenco Fabuloso) were dominated and allies. But that alliance didn't last long and they became enemies. Brazilian/portuguese team from Aurea joined Elysia and the polish team joined Valoria.

In the 2 months before the merge, a lot of action happened at those worlds. Both teams transfered and created makers to report and fight each other.

The best actions happened in Valoria, because the old valorian team that lost to 'Elenco Fabuloso' was allied with 'Busted'(They fought together and won Bellona) and still had a lot of characters to disturb them.

Elysian team transfered a lot of characters to Umera because they were allieds to Valoria.

Both teams had a lot of alliances:

Elysia+Valoria+Aurea+Xantera+Pythera+Kenora+Irmada versus Valoria+Aurea+Umera+Irmada

After merge the war between Get Out vs Cieply Jones began.

Zeluna went pure chaos, lots of bodies and battles in between Thais and Roshamuul all day. Both teams could easily bring more than 80 makers in the fights.

Get Out was winning more actions than Cieply on the makers/main chars/roshamuul/warzones/server saves actions.

  • Kiing Jones won the first Ferumbras' Hat of Zeluna.
  • On May 05 2016, Kiing Jones ED 560, main char of the leader of Get Out got deleted.
  • On May 18 2016, CipSoft deleted more than 20+ characters lvl's 300~500 from Cieply Jones. They disbanded their guild and created another called 'Get Ouit'. Reason: DDoS attacks

The mass deletion did some impact in the war, a lot of leaders characters were involved. But the war wasn't over yet. They still had a lot of chars, members and support from other servers.

Get Out had a lot of their characters deleted aswell in the course of the war.

  • On July 18 2016, Get Ouit got disbanded and they mass transfered to Irmada. The war was over.

Additional information


  • Neutrals are welcome.
  • Well diversed and populated world - Brazillian, polish, spanish and swedish active players.
  • Ruler language is english.
  • Warzones, Pits of Inferno and Inquisition are cheap and hosted by Get Out.


  • Best spawns are botted or claimed by the ruler guild.
  • Can not kill or harass anyone from the ruler guild.
  • Can be hunted anytime by the ruler guild.

Rares & Known owners

Highest level by vocation

Outfit Mage Male Addon 3WyhLevel 643, Master Sorcerer
Outfit Knight Male Addon 3LfanLevel 678, Elite Knight
Outfit Hunter Female Addon 3VesgaoLevel 637, Royal Paladin
Outfit Druid Male Addon 3Elijah DarksoulLevel 668, Elder Druid

Highest skills

Umbral Master SpellbookMagicElijah Darksoul112
Blessed ShieldShieldingIbarra-Corpus115
Crossbow of Mayhem (Overcharged)DistanceRamon Doz Inferno127
Magic LongswordSwordWaga Legend122
Thunder HammerClubHupman121
Demonwing AxeAxeValorian Knight122
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistHaruj86
Fishing RodFishingWanda Mosketao102
GamemasterAchievementsMingel Sous894
GamemasterLoyalty PointsLittle Shael4965

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