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Zathroth's library was the major temple of the cult of Zathroth in ancient times. Though supposed to be secret, it was unavoidable that such a place became known through rumors and gossip. There the high priests of Zathroth compiled all knowledge they came into possession. Some of it was written by themselves, others were donations of worshipers and others simply bought. When the great purge came, the hidden library as it was called, was seized and destroyed by the Inquisition. The books were secured and given to the priests of Uman to be reviewed, along with any artifacts that were found. Everything that was deemed blasphemous was destroyed by them. The worldly possessions such as land, gold and jewelry fell to the crown. The library was dismantled stone by stone and its caverns filled with earth. No sign of the library remained, though desperate Zathrothi still claimed it was not the real hoard of their divine patron that was destroyed but only an insignificant mimicry of the true place. Since the Inquisition could not prove these claims to be true, all of them have to be assumed wishful thinking of desperate Zathroth worshipers and propaganda for their underground movement.

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