Raids in Zao

Lancer Beetle Raid on the Steppes

Lancer Beetles sometimes raid the Zao Steppes.Approximately 100  Lancer Beetles will spawn in the entire raid. There are a few unannounced raids between the first and last messages, the final message marks the end of the raid.


  1. 00:00: Lancer beetles troop up in Farmine. Beware!
  2. 00:05: A pack of lancer beetles heads towards the coast!
  3. 00:14: The lancer beetles have reached the coast.

Orcs raid on Zzaion

This is the only chance you have to get one of the 12 Tomes of Knowledge.

This raid is triggered by rats that spawn on switches in an underground room which can be seen here.


  1. 00:00: A massive orc force is gathering at the gates of Zzaion.
  2. 00:03: Orc reinforcements have arrived at the gates of Zzaion! The gates are under heavy attack!
  3. 00:10: More orc reinforcements have arrived at the gates of Zzaion! The gates are under heavy attack!
  4. 00:20: The gates to Zzaion have been breached! Orcs are invading the city!
    The Zzaion gates open at this point.
  5. 00:30: More orcs have arrived in Zzaion! The city is under attack! Strong lizard leaders have come to defend the city."
    Immediately after this message expect bosses to appear!

There's a 10 minutes gap between 3rd and 4th warning, and between 4th and 5th, so you have some time to pack healing and mana potions. You will need them!

Orc Shaman115/110Orc Shaman
Orc Leader450/270Orc Leader

Special Items:

Orcs raid on Zao Steppe

Sometimes cruel orcs travel through the Zaoan steppes.


  1. 00:00: An orcish horde, ready for murder and plunder, is amassing to begin its travel through the steppes of Zao. Beware!
  2. 00:05: (unannounced raid)
  3. 00:10: The great march of the orcish horde has begun!
  4. 00:12: (unannounced raid)

Orc Shaman115/110Orc Shaman
Orc Rider180/110Orc Rider

Special Items:

Notes: They will keep moving around the Steppe, from time to time they will vanish and respawn in a different zone of it.

Gnarlhounds raid on Zao Steppes

This raid occurs on the western part of the Zao Steppe. Events:

  1. 00:00: There seems to be a big gnarlhound gang in Zao Steppe.
  2. 00:05: The gnarlhounds seem to multiply by the minute.
  3. 00:11: The gnarlhounds roam free in the Zao Steppe. Watch out!

Lancer Beetles raid on Muggy Plains

Events: Approximately 200  Lancer Beetles will spawn in the entire raid.

  1. 00:00: Like a swarm of locusts the dreaded lancer beetles are pouring over the fertile parts of Zao.

Dragons raid on Muggy Plains


  1. 00:00: The dragons of the Dragonblaze Mountains have descended to Zao to protect the lizardkin!

The Draptors spawn in 3 waves, 15, 20 and 25 minutes after the announcement. On the last wave, 2 Draptors always spawn here. The Grand Mother Foulscale also spawns 25 minutes after the announcement, here.


Special Items:

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