The Zao Palace Antechambers are located below the Dragonblaze Peaks in Zao, and can be accessed by going up here.

These antechambers lead into the Zao Palace through two different entrances: one of these entrances can only be accessed as part of a quest, and the other only after finishing that same quest and sufficiently helping Cael the sage in his quest (for knowledge).

The entrance to the tower can only be accessed after starting a certain mission of an other quest.

A separate antechamber can be found by going down here, but this one doesn't contain any creatures nor does it lead anywhere.

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Mission 7 of The New Frontier Quest and mission 2 of the Uneasy Alliance Quest take place here. Additionally, there's a Tome of Knowledge (needed for the Tomes of Knowledge Quest) located here, and another one is located here.
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Creatures in the Zao Palace Antechambers
Lizard Legionnaire
Lizard Legionnaire
Missing File
Lizard Dragon Priest
Lizard Dragon Priest
Missing File
Lizard High Guard
Lizard High Guard
Missing File

The tower specifically harbours the following enemies:

Floor Creatures
-3 1 Lizard Legionnaire
-2 2 Lizard High Guards
-1 1 Lizard Legionnaire, 1 Lizard High Guard
0 None
+1 1 Lizard High Guard
+2 1 Lizard Dragon Priest
+3 1 Lizard Legionnaire, 1 Lizard High Guard
+4 2 Lizard High Guards


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