You see Yulas
NPC Bubble D.gif
  • Every home needs at least one table. Come get yours here.



Venore, in between the temple and the bank.


Yulas works at the Plank and Treasure Chest Market.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Big Table Kit Household Items Household Items30
Round Table Kit Household Items Household Items25
Small Table Kit Household Items Household Items20
Square Table Kit Household Items Household Items25
Trophy Stand Household Items Household Items50


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Player: hi
Yulas: Welcome to the Plank and Treasurechest Market, Player! Looking for {furniture}, I hope.
Player: job
Yulas: We are into home improvement.
Player: name
Yulas: I am Yulas. I will be your salesperson today.
Player: time
Yulas: It's 5:20 pm, my lady/sire.
Player: Allen
Yulas: To think just because he is around here to watch what we do, he want to be considered one of us...
Player: offer or furniture or equipment
Yulas: We sell furniture and equipment. At this counter you can buy tables. Ask me for a {trade} if you're interested to see my wares.
Player: trade
Yulas: Have a look. Most furniture comes in handy kits. Just use them in your house to assemble the furniture.
Player: bye
Yulas: Good bye.