You see your supply stash.


Inside every Locker.


The Supply Stash is a special type of container that players can use to store items in Depot Houses, as an alternative to the regular Depot Boxes. Only Premium players can add items to the Supply Stash, but it's still possible to retrieve them after Premium Time runs out.

The Supply Stash has the following characteriscs which distinguish it from the Depot Boxes:

  • Only items that can be stacked can be stowed inside it.
  • The items will be always grouped in a single "stack", regardless of their amount.
  • Items can be filtered using the same categories used in the Market and Cyclopedia, as well as searched by name.
  • The items stowed in the Supply Stash do not count towards the Depot item limit (2,000 for Free Accounts, 10,000 for Premium Accounts).
  • When Imbuing, the Astral Sources can be taken directly from the stowed items.
  • When selling an item in the Market, the Supply Stash has the lowest priority, i.e. items will be first taken from the Inbox, then from the Depot Boxes and only then from the Supply Stash.
  • When retrieving items from the Supply Stash, players can select the amount, which will be sent to a container selected in the Manage Loot Containers dialog or to the main backpack if a specific container isn't selected or free.


When introduced in Updates/11.80 the Supply Stash could be filtered by categories (such as Creature Products, Decorations, Potions) and search by name.
WU18 Stash Expansion.jpg
In Winter Update 2018 another filter for Traders: Esrik, Fadil, Fiona, Gladys, Grizzly Adams, Irmana, Luna, Malunga, Rock In A Hard Place, Talila, Telas, Tothdral, Valindara, Yasir was added.
Supply Stash Interface.jpg