The Years of Serpents is a famous era in the history of Svargrond. At some point in time a researcher lured Sea Serpents to the seas around the northern Ice Islands in order to get rid of Carliners disturbing his studies, as mentioned in this book. He was successful, as ships from Carlin could not safely reach Svargrond anymore. For this reason many Carlin miners active in the Formorgar Mines abandoned their work and left. After some decades, however, the Sea Serpents disappeared again, which finally brought an end to the frightful Years of Serpents and restored accessibilty to Svargrond. The reason for their sudden disappearance remains a mystery. Jessica thinks it was the work of Venore. Romir thinks magic was involved. Hawkyr thinks the serpents were driven away by a bigger hunter, whatever that may be. Hjaern think an artificial influence must be the reason.

There are several books which speak of the serpents as well as the trouble they often caused during this era:

Books about Sea Serpents
NameBook TypeShort Description
Downfall of Svargrond (Book)PaperMiners need to abandon the Formorgar Mines because of the prevalent Sea Serpent attacks on ships.
Marcia Rugby's Travels in the North (Book)Book (Black)?
Missing Ships (Book)PaperSea Serpents are attacking ships sailing from Carlin to Svargrond.
Sea Serpents (Book)PaperMore Sea Serpent attacks.
The Great Sea Serpents (Book)Book (Brown Square)Book (Black)Book (Brown)Book (Blue)Book (Atlas)Description of Sea Serpents
The Northern Lands (Book)Book (Black)Account of a hunt for sea serpents and the shipping route to Svargrond.

When asking about Years of Serpents various NPCs respond:

Player: years of serpents
Bertha: What a horrible threat those beasts have been. But if they hadn't vanished all of a sudden, we would never have stranded here.
Sirik: All of a sudden the years of the serpents ended. I am glad that we regained the contact with the rest of Tibia. ...
Sirik: Still, if you are very attentive, you may see a sea serpent. Not all of them have disappeared.
Nelly: If only these sea serpents had never disappeared.
Lurik: It was an astonishing phenomenon. For decades, sea serpents made it impossible to reach these northern isles by ship ...
Lurik: The most puzzling part of this event is probably the fact that sea serpents usually prefer a southern climate ...
Lurik: However, almost over night the sea serpents seemed to be gone and the contact between Carlin and the isles here could finally be reestablished.
Jessica: The sea serpents were surely the work of Venore. They are the only ones that are unscrupulous enough to execute such a plan. Their disappearance was just part of some conspiracy to lure us here for some reason ...
Jessica: I am only wondering how the Venoreans managed to lure that many serpents to the north.
Janz: That have been hard years in which we were cut off from our main wood supply. Gladly wood does not suffer much in our climate.
Buddel: The serpents were bad. Bad, bad, bad!! BAD SERPENTS! BAD!! I don't want the serpents back. No!
Dankwart: They were the reason that my people stranded here. However, my ancestors were not too sorry about it and adapted quite well.
Sven: For more than two generations no ship had reached our shores because the giant sea serpents attacked and sank most ships that tried to travel here. ...
Sven: Not long ago the sea serpents disappeared as suddenly as they had come. Now ships visit us again on a regular base.
Kjesse: It was not natural for the sea serpents to behave that way. As suddenly as this behaviour started, it ended. Nature got its way in the end.
Robert: If those sea serpents had not vanished, I could still sit in the warm and safe Carlin. Cursed serpents.
Hawkyr: I wonder if even bigger hunter have driven them away.
Thorwulf: Men are not supposed to travel the seas. So I don't care if these giant serpents ever existed or if they had only been an excuse for cowards.
Romir: Ah yes. An odd occurrence. I am quite convinced some strong magic was involved but I have no idea how or why.
Hjaern: The serpents came here many years ago but they are gone now. There was a strange shift in power while they terrorised the coasts. ...
Hjaern: The spirits spoke about some foreign power. There must have been some artificial influence behind all this.
Siflind: Nobody knows what really happened in the past. Perhaps one day, we will find out the cause for the appearance of the sea serpents and the reason that let them vanish again.
Nilsor: I don't know why they disappeared so suddenly. I hope nothing bad happened to those poor creatures.

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