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You see Yasir
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    The docks of Carlin here, Ankrahmun here or Liberty Bay here.


    Triggered by the Oriental Trader Mini World Change. Yasir will travel between the cities of Carlin, Liberty Bay, and Ankrahmun. He does not speak English, despite this he will trade or ariki. He buys almost every creature product.
    His ship contains some special objects: two Golden Scorpions, a Ornamented Scorpion Table, Some Golden Fruits, two hoards of gold, a Dragon Flag, a Dragon Fountain, 4 Stools, a Taboret, a Treasure Chest and a Scorpion Altar.

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    When you say ariki or trade to him you will earn the achievement Si, Ariki!.

    Warning for expensive creature products

    You have to be careful while selling creature products to Yasir which might be useful for Quests, Outfits and Imbuing. Check your server's market to compare the prices. The following items may be worth more than what Yasir pays for them.

    Acorn, Ape Fur, Bat Wing, Bear Paw, Behemoth Claw, Blazing Bone, Bloody Pincers, Blue Piece of Cloth, Bonelord Eye, Brimstone Fangs, Brimstone Shell, Broken Shamanic Staff, Brown Piece of Cloth, Centipede Leg, Chicken Feather, Colourful Feathers, Compass, Crawler Head Plating, Crystallized Anger, Cultish Mask, Cultish Robe, Cyclops Toe, Damselfly Wing, Deepling Warts, Demon Dust, Demon Horn, Demonic Skeletal Hand, Dragon Claw, Draken Sulphur, Elven Hoof, Elven Scouting Glass, Elvish Talisman, Energy Vein, Fairy Wings, Fiery Heart, Fish Fin, Flask of Embalming Fluid, Flask of Warrior's Sweat, Frazzle Skin, Frosty Heart, Gloom Wolf Fur, Goblin Ear, Goosebump Leather, Green Dragon Leather, Green Dragon Scale, Green Piece of Cloth, Hardened Bone, Heaven Blossom, Hellspawn Tail, Holy Orchid, Honeycomb, Incantation Notes, Iron Ore, Lancet, Lion's Mane, Little Bowl of Myrrh, Lizard Leather, Lizard Scale, Lump of Dirt, Magic Sulphur, Marsh Stalker Beak, Marsh Stalker Feather, Minotaur Horn, Minotaur Leather, Mystical Hourglass, Nose Ring, Ogre Nose Ring, Orc Tooth, Peacock Feather Fan, Pelvis Bone, Petrified Scream, Piece of Dead Brain, Piece of Scarab Shell, Piece of Swampling Wood, Pile of Grave Earth, Poisonous Slime, Polar Bear Paw, Porcelain Mask, Protective Charm, Quill, Red Dragon Scale, Red Piece of Cloth, Rope Belt, Rorc Feather, Sabretooth, Sandcrawler Shell, Scorpion Tail, Silencer Claws, Small Flask of Eyedrops, Snake Skin, Some Grimeleech Wings, Spider Fangs, Spider Silk, Strand of Medusa Hair, Swamp Grass, Tarantula Egg, Thick Fur, Turtle Shell, Vampire Dust, Vampire Teeth, Vexclaw Talon, Warmaster's Wristguards, Waspoid Wing, Winter Wolf Fur, White Piece of Cloth, Wolf Paw, Wool, Wyrm Scale, Wyvern Talisman, Yellow Piece of Cloth.

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    Trade Details


    Abomination's Eye.gifAbomination's Eye650,000 Gold
    Abomination's Tail.gifAbomination's Tail700,000 Gold
    Abomination's Tongue.gifAbomination's Tongue950,000 Gold
    Acorn.gifAcorn10 Gold
    Afflicted Strider Head.gifAfflicted Strider Head900 Gold
    Afflicted Strider Worms.gifAfflicted Strider Worms500 Gold
    Alptramun's Toothbrush.gifAlptramun's Toothbrush270,000 Gold
    Ancient Belt Buckle.gifAncient Belt Buckle260 Gold
    Ancient Liche Bone.gifAncient Liche Bone28,000 Gold
    Angel Figurine.gifAngel Figurine36,000 Gold
    Antlers.gifAntlers50 Gold
    Ape Fur.gifApe Fur120 Gold
    Apron.gifApron1,300 Gold
    Badger Fur.gifBadger Fur15 Gold
    Bamboo Stick.gifBamboo Stick30 Gold
    Banana Sash.gifBanana Sash55 Gold
    Basalt Fetish.gifBasalt Fetish210 Gold
    Basalt Figurine.gifBasalt Figurine160 Gold
    Bashmu Fang.gifBashmu Fang600 Gold
    Bashmu Feather.gifBashmu Feather350 Gold
    Bashmu Tongue.gifBashmu Tongue400 Gold
    Bat Decoration.gifBat Decoration2,000 Gold
    Bat Wing.gifBat Wing50 Gold
    Bear Paw.gifBear Paw100 Gold
    Beast's Nightmare-Cushion.gifBeast's Nightmare-Cushion630,000 Gold
    Bed of Nails.gifBed of Nails500 Gold
    Beer Tap.gifBeer Tap50 Gold
    Beetle Carapace.gifBeetle Carapace200 Gold
    Behemoth Claw.gifBehemoth Claw2,000 Gold
    Black Hood.gifBlack Hood190 Gold
    Black Wool.gifBlack Wool300 Gold
    Blazing Bone.gifBlazing Bone610 Gold
    Blemished Spawn Abdomen.gifBlemished Spawn Abdomen550 Gold
    Blemished Spawn Head.gifBlemished Spawn Head800 Gold
    Blemished Spawn Tail.gifBlemished Spawn Tail1,000 Gold
    Blood Preservation.gifBlood Preservation320 Gold
    Blood Tincture in a Vial.gifBlood Tincture in a Vial360 Gold
    Bloody Dwarven Beard.gifBloody Dwarven Beard110 Gold
    Bloody Pincers.gifBloody Pincers100 Gold
    Bloody Tears.gifBloody Tears70,000 Gold
    Blue Glass Plate.gifBlue Glass Plate60 Gold
    Blue Goanna Scale.gifBlue Goanna Scale230 Gold
    Blue Piece of Cloth.gifBlue Piece of Cloth200 Gold
    Boggy Dreads.gifBoggy Dreads200 Gold
    Bola.gifBola35 Gold
    Bone Fetish.gifBone Fetish150 Gold
    Bone Shoulderplate.gifBone Shoulderplate150 Gold
    Bone Toothpick.gifBone Toothpick150 Gold
    Bonecarving Knife.gifBonecarving Knife190 Gold
    Bonelord Eye.gifBonelord Eye80 Gold
    Bones of Zorvorax.gifBones of Zorvorax10,000 Gold
    Bony Tail.gifBony Tail210 Gold
    Book Page.gifBook Page640 Gold
    Book of Necromantic Rituals.gifBook of Necromantic Rituals180 Gold
    Book of Prayers.gifBook of Prayers120 Gold
    Bowl of Terror Sweat.gifBowl of Terror Sweat500 Gold
    Brain Head's Giant Neuron.gifBrain Head's Giant Neuron100,000 Gold
    Brain Head's Left Hemisphere.gifBrain Head's Left Hemisphere90,000 Gold
    Brain Head's Right Hemisphere.gifBrain Head's Right Hemisphere50,000 Gold
    Brainstealer's Brain.gifBrainstealer's Brain300,000 Gold
    Brainstealer's Brainwave.gifBrainstealer's Brainwave440,000 Gold
    Brainstealer's Tissue.gifBrainstealer's Tissue240,000 Gold
    Bright Bell.gifBright Bell220 Gold
    Brimstone Fangs.gifBrimstone Fangs380 Gold
    Brimstone Shell.gifBrimstone Shell210 Gold
    Broken Crossbow.gifBroken Crossbow30 Gold
    Broken Draken Mail.gifBroken Draken Mail1340 Gold
    Broken Halberd.gifBroken Halberd100 Gold
    Broken Helmet.gifBroken Helmet20 Gold
    Broken Key Ring.gifBroken Key Ring8,000 Gold
    Broken Longbow.gifBroken Longbow130 Gold
    Broken Ring of Ending.gifBroken Ring of Ending4,000 Gold
    Broken Shamanic Staff.gifBroken Shamanic Staff35 Gold
    Broken Slicer.gifBroken Slicer120 Gold
    Broken Throwing Axe.gifBroken Throwing Axe230 Gold
    Broken Visor.gifBroken Visor1,900 Gold
    Brooch of Embracement.gifBrooch of Embracement14,000 Gold
    Brown Piece of Cloth.gifBrown Piece of Cloth100 Gold
    Bunch of Troll Hair.gifBunch of Troll Hair30 Gold
    Bundle of Cursed Straw.gifBundle of Cursed Straw800 Gold
    Capricious Heart.gifCapricious Heart2,100 Gold
    Capricious Robe.gifCapricious Robe1,200 Gold
    Carniphila Seeds.gifCarniphila Seeds50 Gold
    Carnisylvan Bark.gifCarnisylvan Bark230 Gold
    Carnisylvan Finger.gifCarnisylvan Finger250 Gold
    Carrion Worm Fang.gifCarrion Worm Fang35 Gold
    Cat's Paw.gifCat's Paw2,000 Gold
    Cave Chimera Head.gifCave Chimera Head1,200 Gold
    Cave Chimera Leg.gifCave Chimera Leg650 Gold
    Cave Devourer Eyes.gifCave Devourer Eyes550 Gold
    Cave Devourer Legs.gifCave Devourer Legs350 Gold
    Cave Devourer Maw.gifCave Devourer Maw600 Gold
    Centipede Leg.gifCentipede Leg28 Gold
    Chasm Spawn Abdomen.gifChasm Spawn Abdomen240 Gold
    Chasm Spawn Head.gifChasm Spawn Head850 Gold
    Chasm Spawn Tail.gifChasm Spawn Tail120 Gold
    Cheese Cutter.gifCheese Cutter50 Gold
    Cheesy Figurine.gifCheesy Figurine150 Gold
    Cheesy Membership Card.gifCheesy Membership Card120,000 Gold
    Chicken Feather.gifChicken Feather30 Gold
    Chitinous Mouth (Baron from Below).gifChitinous Mouth (Baron from Below)10,000 Gold
    Chitinous Mouth (Count of the Core).gifChitinous Mouth (Count of the Core)10,000 Gold
    Cliff Strider Claw.gifCliff Strider Claw800 Gold
    Cobra Crest.gifCobra Crest650 Gold
    Cobra Tongue.gifCobra Tongue15 Gold
    Colourful Feather.gifColourful Feather110 Gold
    Colourful Feathers.gifColourful Feathers400 Gold
    Colourful Snail Shell.gifColourful Snail Shell250 Gold
    Compass.gifCompass45 Gold
    Compound Eye.gifCompound Eye150 Gold
    Condensed Energy.gifCondensed Energy260 Gold
    Corrupted Flag.gifCorrupted Flag700 Gold
    Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear.gifCountess Sorrow's Frozen Tear50,000 Gold
    Cow Bell.gifCow Bell120 Gold
    Crab Pincers.gifCrab Pincers35 Gold
    Cracked Alabaster Vase.gifCracked Alabaster Vase180 Gold
    Crawler Head Plating.gifCrawler Head Plating210 Gold
    Crawler's Essence.gifCrawler's Essence3,700 Gold
    Crown (Plant).gifCrown (Plant)2,700 Gold
    Cruelty's Chest.gifCruelty's Chest720,000 Gold
    Cruelty's Claw.gifCruelty's Claw640,000 Gold
    Crystal Bone.gifCrystal Bone250 Gold
    Crystallized Anger.gifCrystallized Anger400 Gold
    Cultish Mask.gifCultish Mask280 Gold
    Cultish Robe.gifCultish Robe150 Gold
    Cultish Symbol.gifCultish Symbol500 Gold
    Curious Matter.gifCurious Matter430 Gold
    Curl of Hair.gifCurl of Hair320,000 Gold
    Cursed Bone.gifCursed Bone6,000 Gold
    Cursed Shoulder Spikes.gifCursed Shoulder Spikes320 Gold
    Cyclops Toe.gifCyclops Toe55 Gold
    Damaged Armor Plates.gifDamaged Armor Plates280 Gold
    Damaged Worm Head.gifDamaged Worm Head8,000 Gold
    Damselfly Eye.gifDamselfly Eye25 Gold
    Damselfly Wing.gifDamselfly Wing20 Gold
    Dandelion Seeds.gifDandelion Seeds200 Gold
    Dangerous Proto Matter.gifDangerous Proto Matter300 Gold
    Dark Bell.gifDark Bell250 Gold
    Dark Bell (Silver).gifDark Bell (Silver)310,000 Gold
    Dark Rosary.gifDark Rosary48 Gold
    Dead Weight.gifDead Weight450 Gold
    Deepling Breaktime Snack.gifDeepling Breaktime Snack90 Gold
    Deepling Claw.gifDeepling Claw430 Gold
    Deepling Guard Belt Buckle.gifDeepling Guard Belt Buckle230 Gold
    Deepling Ridge.gifDeepling Ridge360 Gold
    Deepling Scales.gifDeepling Scales80 Gold
    Deepling Warts.gifDeepling Warts180 Gold
    Deeptags.gifDeeptags290 Gold
    Deepworm Jaws.gifDeepworm Jaws500 Gold
    Deepworm Spike Roots.gifDeepworm Spike Roots650 Gold
    Deepworm Spikes.gifDeepworm Spikes800 Gold
    Demon Dust.gifDemon Dust300 Gold
    Demon Horn.gifDemon Horn1,000 Gold
    Demonic Finger.gifDemonic Finger1,000 Gold
    Demonic Skeletal Hand.gifDemonic Skeletal Hand80 Gold
    Diabolic Skull.gifDiabolic Skull19,000 Gold
    Diremaw Brainpan.gifDiremaw Brainpan350 Gold
    Diremaw Legs.gifDiremaw Legs270 Gold
    Dirty Turban.gifDirty Turban120 Gold
    Distorted Heart.gifDistorted Heart2,100 Gold
    Distorted Robe.gifDistorted Robe1,200 Gold
    Downy Feather.gifDowny Feather20 Gold
    Dowser.gifDowser35 Gold
    Dracola's Eye.gifDracola's Eye50,000 Gold
    Dracoyle Statue.gifDracoyle Statue5,000 Gold
    Dracoyle Statue (Enchanted).gifDracoyle Statue (Enchanted)5,000 Gold
    Dragon Blood.gifDragon Blood700 Gold
    Dragon Claw.gifDragon Claw8,000 Gold
    Dragon Priest's Wandtip.gifDragon Priest's Wandtip175 Gold
    Dragon Tongue.gifDragon Tongue550 Gold
    Dragon's Tail.gifDragon's Tail100 Gold
    Draken Sulphur.gifDraken Sulphur550 Gold
    Draken Wristbands.gifDraken Wristbands1430 Gold
    Dream Essence Egg.gifDream Essence Egg205 Gold
    Dung Ball.gifDung Ball130 Gold
    Earflap.gifEarflap40 Gold
    Elder Bonelord Tentacle.gifElder Bonelord Tentacle150 Gold
    Elven Astral Observer.gifElven Astral Observer90 Gold
    Elven Hoof.gifElven Hoof115 Gold
    Elven Scouting Glass.gifElven Scouting Glass50 Gold
    Elvish Talisman.gifElvish Talisman45 Gold
    Empty Honey Glass.gifEmpty Honey Glass270 Gold
    Enchanted Chicken Wing.gifEnchanted Chicken Wing20,000 Gold
    Energy Ball.gifEnergy Ball300 Gold
    Energy Vein.gifEnergy Vein270 Gold
    Ensouled Essence.gifEnsouled Essence820 Gold
    Essence of a Bad Dream.gifEssence of a Bad Dream360 Gold
    Eye of Corruption.gifEye of Corruption390 Gold
    Eye of a Deepling.gifEye of a Deepling150 Gold
    Eye of a Weeper.gifEye of a Weeper650 Gold
    Eyeless Devourer Legs.gifEyeless Devourer Legs650 Gold
    Eyeless Devourer Maw.gifEyeless Devourer Maw420 Gold
    Eyeless Devourer Tongue.gifEyeless Devourer Tongue900 Gold
    Fafnar Symbol.gifFafnar Symbol950 Gold
    Fairy Wings.gifFairy Wings200 Gold
    Falcon Crest.gifFalcon Crest650 Gold
    Fern.gifFern20 Gold
    Fiery Heart.gifFiery Heart375 Gold
    Fig Leaf.gifFig Leaf200 Gold
    Figurine of Cruelty.gifFigurine of Cruelty3,100,000 Gold
    Figurine of Greed.gifFigurine of Greed2,900,000 Gold
    Figurine of Hatred.gifFigurine of Hatred2,700,000 Gold
    Figurine of Malice.gifFigurine of Malice2,800,000 Gold
    Figurine of Megalomania.gifFigurine of Megalomania5,000,000 Gold
    Figurine of Spite.gifFigurine of Spite3,000,000 Gold
    Fir Cone.gifFir Cone25 Gold
    Fish Fin.gifFish Fin150 Gold
    Flask of Embalming Fluid.gifFlask of Embalming Fluid30 Gold
    Flask of Warrior's Sweat.gifFlask of Warrior's Sweat10,000 Gold
    Fox Paw.gifFox Paw100 Gold
    Frazzle Skin.gifFrazzle Skin400 Gold
    Frazzle Tongue.gifFrazzle Tongue700 Gold
    Frost Giant Pelt.gifFrost Giant Pelt160 Gold
    Frosty Ear of a Troll.gifFrosty Ear of a Troll30 Gold
    Frosty Heart.gifFrosty Heart280 Gold
    Frozen Lightning.gifFrozen Lightning270 Gold
    Fur Shred.gifFur Shred200 Gold
    Gauze Bandage.gifGauze Bandage90 Gold
    Geomancer's Robe.gifGeomancer's Robe80 Gold
    Geomancer's Staff.gifGeomancer's Staff120 Gold
    Ghastly Dragon Head.gifGhastly Dragon Head700 Gold
    Ghostly Tissue.gifGhostly Tissue90 Gold
    Ghoul Snack.gifGhoul Snack60 Gold
    Giant Eye.gifGiant Eye380 Gold
    Giant Tentacle.gifGiant Tentacle10,000 Gold
    Girlish Hair Decoration.gifGirlish Hair Decoration30 Gold
    Girtablilu Warrior Carapace.gifGirtablilu Warrior Carapace520 Gold
    Gland.gifGland500 Gold
    Glistening Bone.gifGlistening Bone250 Gold
    Glob of Acid Slime.gifGlob of Acid Slime25 Gold
    Glob of Mercury.gifGlob of Mercury20 Gold
    Glob of Tar.gifGlob of Tar30 Gold
    Gloom Wolf Fur.gifGloom Wolf Fur70 Gold
    Glowing Rune.gifGlowing Rune350 Gold
    Goanna Claw.gifGoanna Claw260 Gold
    Goanna Meat.gifGoanna Meat190 Gold
    Goblet of Gloom.gifGoblet of Gloom12,000 Gold
    Goblin Ear.gifGoblin Ear20 Gold
    Golden Brush.gifGolden Brush250 Gold
    Golden Cheese Wedge.gifGolden Cheese Wedge6,000 Gold
    Golden Dustbin.gifGolden Dustbin7,000 Gold
    Golden Lotus Brooch.gifGolden Lotus Brooch270 Gold
    Golden Mask.gifGolden Mask38,000 Gold
    Golden Skull.gifGolden Skull9,000 Gold
    Goosebump Leather.gifGoosebump Leather650 Gold
    Grant of Arms.gifGrant of Arms950 Gold
    Grappling Hook.gifGrappling Hook150 Gold
    Greed's Arm.gifGreed's Arm950,000 Gold
    Green Bandage.gifGreen Bandage180 Gold
    Green Dragon Leather.gifGreen Dragon Leather100 Gold
    Green Dragon Scale.gifGreen Dragon Scale100 Gold
    Green Glass Plate.gifGreen Glass Plate180 Gold
    Green Piece of Cloth.gifGreen Piece of Cloth200 Gold
    Grimace.gifGrimace120,000 Gold
    Gruesome Fan.gifGruesome Fan15,000 Gold
    Guidebook.gifGuidebook200 Gold
    Hair of a Banshee.gifHair of a Banshee350 Gold
    Half-Digested Piece of Meat.gifHalf-Digested Piece of Meat55 Gold
    Half-Digested Stones.gifHalf-Digested Stones40 Gold
    Half-Eaten Brain.gifHalf-Eaten Brain85 Gold
    Hand.gifHand1,450 Gold
    Hardened Bone.gifHardened Bone70 Gold
    Harpoon of a Giant Snail.gifHarpoon of a Giant Snail15,000 Gold
    Hatched Rorc Egg.gifHatched Rorc Egg30 Gold
    Haunted Piece of Wood.gifHaunted Piece of Wood115 Gold
    Hazardous Heart.gifHazardous Heart5,000 Gold
    Hazardous Robe.gifHazardous Robe3,000 Gold
    Head (Brachiodemon).gifHead (Brachiodemon)3,500 Gold
    Head (Many Faces).gifHead (Many Faces)3,200 Gold
    Heaven Blossom.gifHeaven Blossom50 Gold
    Hellhound Slobber.gifHellhound Slobber500 Gold
    Hellspawn Tail.gifHellspawn Tail475 Gold
    Hemp Rope.gifHemp Rope350 Gold
    Hideous Chunk.gifHideous Chunk510 Gold
    High Guard Flag.gifHigh Guard Flag550 Gold
    High Guard Shoulderplates.gifHigh Guard Shoulderplates1130 Gold
    Holy Ash.gifHoly Ash160 Gold
    Holy Orchid.gifHoly Orchid90 Gold
    Honeycomb.gifHoneycomb40 Gold
    Horn of Kalyassa.gifHorn of Kalyassa10,000 Gold
    Horoscope.gifHoroscope40 Gold
    Huge Shell.gifHuge Shell15,000 Gold
    Huge Spiky Snail Shell.gifHuge Spiky Snail Shell8,000 Gold
    Human Teeth.gifHuman Teeth2,000 Gold
    Humongous Chunk.gifHumongous Chunk540 Gold
    Hunter's Quiver.gifHunter's Quiver80 Gold
    Hydra Head.gifHydra Head600 Gold
    Ice Flower (Item).gifIce Flower (Item)370 Gold
    Incantation Notes.gifIncantation Notes90 Gold
    Infernal Heart.gifInfernal Heart2,100 Gold
    Infernal Robe.gifInfernal Robe1,200 Gold
    Inkwell (Black).gifInkwell (Black)720 Gold
    Instable Proto Matter.gifInstable Proto Matter300 Gold
    Iron Ore.gifIron Ore500 Gold
    Ivory Carving.gifIvory Carving300 Gold
    Ivory Comb.gifIvory Comb8,000 Gold
    Izcandar's Snow Globe.gifIzcandar's Snow Globe180,000 Gold
    Izcandar's Sundial.gifIzcandar's Sundial225,000 Gold
    Jagged Sickle.gifJagged Sickle150,000 Gold
    Jaws.gifJaws3,900 Gold
    Jewelled Belt.gifJewelled Belt180 Gold
    Katex' Blood.gifKatex' Blood210 Gold
    Key to the Drowned Library.gifKey to the Drowned Library330 Gold
    Kollos Shell.gifKollos Shell420 Gold
    Kongra's Shoulderpad.gifKongra's Shoulderpad100 Gold
    Lamassu Hoof.gifLamassu Hoof330 Gold
    Lamassu Horn.gifLamassu Horn240 Gold
    Lancer Beetle Shell.gifLancer Beetle Shell80 Gold
    Lancet.gifLancet90 Gold
    Lavafungus Head.gifLavafungus Head900 Gold
    Lavafungus Ring.gifLavafungus Ring390 Gold
    Lavaworm Jaws.gifLavaworm Jaws1,100 Gold
    Lavaworm Spike Roots.gifLavaworm Spike Roots600 Gold
    Lavaworm Spikes.gifLavaworm Spikes750 Gold
    Legionnaire Flags.gifLegionnaire Flags500 Gold
    Lion Cloak Patch.gifLion Cloak Patch190 Gold
    Lion Crest.gifLion Crest270 Gold
    Lion Seal.gifLion Seal210 Gold
    Lion's Mane.gifLion's Mane60 Gold
    Little Bowl of Myrrh.gifLittle Bowl of Myrrh500 Gold
    Lizard Essence.gifLizard Essence300 Gold
    Lizard Heart.gifLizard Heart530 Gold
    Lizard Leather.gifLizard Leather150 Gold
    Lizard Scale.gifLizard Scale120 Gold
    Longing Eyes.gifLonging Eyes8,000 Gold
    Lost Basher's Spike.gifLost Basher's Spike280 Gold
    Lost Bracers.gifLost Bracers140 Gold
    Lost Husher's Staff.gifLost Husher's Staff250 Gold
    Lost Soul (Item).gifLost Soul (Item)120 Gold
    Luminescent Crystal Pickaxe.gifLuminescent Crystal Pickaxe50 Gold
    Luminous Orb.gifLuminous Orb1,000 Gold
    Lump of Dirt.gifLump of Dirt10 Gold
    Lump of Earth.gifLump of Earth130 Gold
    Mad Froth.gifMad Froth80 Gold
    Magic Sulphur.gifMagic Sulphur8,000 Gold
    Malice's Horn.gifMalice's Horn620,000 Gold
    Malice's Spine.gifMalice's Spine850,000 Gold
    Malofur's Lunchbox.gifMalofur's Lunchbox240,000 Gold
    Mammoth Tusk.gifMammoth Tusk100 Gold
    Mantassin Tail.gifMantassin Tail280 Gold
    Manticore Ear.gifManticore Ear310 Gold
    Manticore Tail.gifManticore Tail220 Gold
    Marsh Stalker Beak.gifMarsh Stalker Beak65 Gold
    Marsh Stalker Feather.gifMarsh Stalker Feather50 Gold
    Maxxenius Head.gifMaxxenius Head500,000 Gold
    Meat Hammer.gifMeat Hammer60 Gold
    Medal of Valiance.gifMedal of Valiance410,000 Gold
    Megalomania's Essence.gifMegalomania's Essence1,900,000 Gold
    Megalomania's Skull.gifMegalomania's Skull1,500,000 Gold
    Milk Churn.gifMilk Churn100 Gold
    Minotaur Horn.gifMinotaur Horn75 Gold
    Minotaur Leather.gifMinotaur Leather80 Gold
    Miraculum.gifMiraculum60 Gold
    Morbid Tapestry.gifMorbid Tapestry30,000 Gold
    Morshabaal's Brain.gifMorshabaal's Brain5,000,000 Gold
    Morshabaal's Extract.gifMorshabaal's Extract3,250,000 Gold
    Mould Heart.gifMould Heart2,100 Gold
    Mould Robe.gifMould Robe1,200 Gold
    Mouldy Powder.gifMouldy Powder200 Gold
    Mr. Punish's Handcuffs.gifMr. Punish's Handcuffs50,000 Gold
    Mutated Bat Ear.gifMutated Bat Ear420 Gold
    Mutated Flesh.gifMutated Flesh50 Gold
    Mutated Rat Tail.gifMutated Rat Tail150 Gold
    Mystical Hourglass.gifMystical Hourglass700 Gold
    Necromantic Robe.gifNecromantic Robe250 Gold
    Nettle Blossom.gifNettle Blossom75 Gold
    Nettle Spit.gifNettle Spit25 Gold
    Noble Amulet.gifNoble Amulet430,000 Gold
    Noble Cape.gifNoble Cape425,000 Gold
    Noble Turban.gifNoble Turban430 Gold
    Nose Ring.gifNose Ring2,000 Gold
    Odd Organ.gifOdd Organ410 Gold
    Ogre Ear Stud.gifOgre Ear Stud180 Gold
    Ogre Nose Ring.gifOgre Nose Ring210 Gold
    Old Girtablilu Carapace.gifOld Girtablilu Carapace570 Gold
    Old Royal Diary.gifOld Royal Diary220,000 Gold
    Orc Leather.gifOrc Leather30 Gold
    Orc Tooth.gifOrc Tooth150 Gold
    Orcish Gear.gifOrcish Gear85 Gold
    Pair of Hellflayer Horns.gifPair of Hellflayer Horns1,300 Gold
    Pair of Old Bracers.gifPair of Old Bracers500 Gold
    Pale Worm's Scalp.gifPale Worm's Scalp489,000 Gold
    Patch of Fine Cloth.gifPatch of Fine Cloth1,350 Gold
    Peacock Feather Fan.gifPeacock Feather Fan350 Gold
    Pelvis Bone.gifPelvis Bone30 Gold
    Perfect Behemoth Fang.gifPerfect Behemoth Fang250 Gold
    Petrified Scream.gifPetrified Scream250 Gold
    Phantasmal Hair.gifPhantasmal Hair500 Gold
    Piece of Archer Armor.gifPiece of Archer Armor20 Gold
    Piece of Crocodile Leather.gifPiece of Crocodile Leather15 Gold
    Piece of Dead Brain.gifPiece of Dead Brain420 Gold
    Piece of Massacre's Shell.gifPiece of Massacre's Shell50,000 Gold
    Piece of Scarab Shell.gifPiece of Scarab Shell45 Gold
    Piece of Swampling Wood.gifPiece of Swampling Wood30 Gold
    Piece of Warrior Armor.gifPiece of Warrior Armor50 Gold
    Pieces of Magic Chalk.gifPieces of Magic Chalk210 Gold
    Pig Foot.gifPig Foot10 Gold
    Pile of Grave Earth.gifPile of Grave Earth25 Gold
    Pirat's Tail.gifPirat's Tail180 Gold
    Pirate Coin.gifPirate Coin110 Gold
    Plagueroot Offshoot.gifPlagueroot Offshoot280,000 Gold
    Plasma Pearls.gifPlasma Pearls250 Gold
    Plasmatic Lightning.gifPlasmatic Lightning270 Gold
    Poison Gland.gifPoison Gland210 Gold
    Poison Spider Shell.gifPoison Spider Shell10 Gold
    Poisonous Slime.gifPoisonous Slime50 Gold
    Polar Bear Paw.gifPolar Bear Paw30 Gold
    Pool of Chitinous Glue.gifPool of Chitinous Glue480 Gold
    Porcelain Mask.gifPorcelain Mask2,000 Gold
    Powder Herb.gifPowder Herb10 Gold
    Pristine Worm Head.gifPristine Worm Head15,000 Gold
    Protective Charm.gifProtective Charm60 Gold
    Purified Soul (Netherworld).gifPurified Soul (Netherworld)260 Gold
    Purple Robe.gifPurple Robe110 Gold
    Quara Bone.gifQuara Bone500 Gold
    Quara Eye.gifQuara Eye350 Gold
    Quara Pincers.gifQuara Pincers410 Gold
    Quara Tentacle.gifQuara Tentacle140 Gold
    Quill.gifQuill1,100 Gold
    Rare Earth.gifRare Earth80 Gold
    Ratmiral's Hat.gifRatmiral's Hat150,000 Gold
    Ravenous Circlet.gifRavenous Circlet220,000 Gold
    Red Dragon Leather.gifRed Dragon Leather200 Gold
    Red Dragon Scale.gifRed Dragon Scale200 Gold
    Red Goanna Scale.gifRed Goanna Scale270 Gold
    Red Hair Dye.gifRed Hair Dye40 Gold
    Red Piece of Cloth.gifRed Piece of Cloth300 Gold
    Rhino Hide.gifRhino Hide175 Gold
    Rhino Horn.gifRhino Horn265 Gold
    Rhino Horn Carving.gifRhino Horn Carving300 Gold
    Rod (Creature Product).gifRod (Creature Product)2,200 Gold
    Roots.gifRoots1,200 Gold
    Rope Belt.gifRope Belt66 Gold
    Rorc Egg.gifRorc Egg120 Gold
    Rorc Feather.gifRorc Feather70 Gold
    Rotten Heart.gifRotten Heart74,000 Gold
    Rotten Piece of Cloth.gifRotten Piece of Cloth30 Gold
    Sabretooth.gifSabretooth400 Gold
    Safety Pin.gifSafety Pin120 Gold
    Sample of Monster Blood.gifSample of Monster Blood250 Gold
    Sandcrawler Shell.gifSandcrawler Shell20 Gold
    Scale of Corruption.gifScale of Corruption680 Gold
    Scale of Gelidrazah.gifScale of Gelidrazah10,000 Gold
    Scarab Pincers.gifScarab Pincers280 Gold
    Scorpion Charm.gifScorpion Charm620 Gold
    Scorpion Tail.gifScorpion Tail25 Gold
    Scroll of Heroic Deeds.gifScroll of Heroic Deeds230 Gold
    Scythe Leg.gifScythe Leg450 Gold
    Sea Horse Figurine.gifSea Horse Figurine42,000 Gold
    Sea Serpent Scale.gifSea Serpent Scale520 Gold
    Seeds.gifSeeds150 Gold
    Shaggy Tail.gifShaggy Tail25 Gold
    Shamanic Hood.gifShamanic Hood45 Gold
    Shamanic Talisman.gifShamanic Talisman200 Gold
    Shark Fins.gifShark Fins250 Gold
    Shimmering Beetles.gifShimmering Beetles150 Gold
    Sight of Surrender's Eye.gifSight of Surrender's Eye3,000 Gold
    Signet Ring.gifSignet Ring480,000 Gold
    Silencer Claws.gifSilencer Claws390 Gold
    Silencer Resonating Chamber.gifSilencer Resonating Chamber600 Gold
    Silken Bookmark.gifSilken Bookmark1,300 Gold
    Silky Fur.gifSilky Fur35 Gold
    Silver Hand Mirror.gifSilver Hand Mirror10,000 Gold
    Single Human Eye.gifSingle Human Eye1,000 Gold
    Skeleton Decoration.gifSkeleton Decoration3,000 Gold
    Skull Belt.gifSkull Belt80 Gold
    Skull Fetish.gifSkull Fetish250 Gold
    Skull Shatterer.gifSkull Shatterer170 Gold
    Skunk Tail.gifSkunk Tail50 Gold
    Slimy Leg.gifSlimy Leg4,500 Gold
    Small Energy Ball.gifSmall Energy Ball250 Gold
    Small Flask of Eyedrops.gifSmall Flask of Eyedrops95 Gold
    Small Notebook.gifSmall Notebook480 Gold
    Small Oil Lamp.gifSmall Oil Lamp150 Gold
    Small Pitchfork.gifSmall Pitchfork70 Gold
    Small Treasure Chest.gifSmall Treasure Chest500 Gold
    Snake Skin.gifSnake Skin400 Gold
    Sniper Gloves.gifSniper Gloves2,000 Gold
    Solid Rage.gifSolid Rage310 Gold
    Some Grimeleech Wings.gifSome Grimeleech Wings1,200 Gold
    Soul Stone.gifSoul Stone6,000 Gold
    Spark Sphere.gifSpark Sphere350 Gold
    Sparkion Claw.gifSparkion Claw290 Gold
    Sparkion Legs.gifSparkion Legs310 Gold
    Sparkion Stings.gifSparkion Stings280 Gold
    Sparkion Tail.gifSparkion Tail300 Gold
    Spectral Gold Nugget.gifSpectral Gold Nugget500 Gold
    Spectral Silver Nugget.gifSpectral Silver Nugget250 Gold
    Spellsinger's Seal.gifSpellsinger's Seal280 Gold
    Sphinx Feather.gifSphinx Feather470 Gold
    Sphinx Tiara.gifSphinx Tiara360 Gold
    Spider Fangs.gifSpider Fangs10 Gold
    Spider Silk.gifSpider Silk100 Gold
    Spidris Mandible.gifSpidris Mandible450 Gold
    Spiked Iron Ball.gifSpiked Iron Ball1100 Gold
    Spirit Container.gifSpirit Container40,000 Gold
    Spite's Spirit.gifSpite's Spirit840,000 Gold
    Spitter Nose.gifSpitter Nose340 Gold
    Spooky Blue Eye.gifSpooky Blue Eye95 Gold
    Srezz' Eye.gifSrezz' Eye300 Gold
    Star Herb.gifStar Herb15 Gold
    Stone Herb.gifStone Herb20 Gold
    Stone Wing.gifStone Wing120 Gold
    Stonerefiner's Skull.gifStonerefiner's Skull100 Gold
    Strand of Medusa Hair.gifStrand of Medusa Hair600 Gold
    Strange Proto Matter.gifStrange Proto Matter300 Gold
    Strange Symbol.gifStrange Symbol200 Gold
    Streaked Devourer Eyes.gifStreaked Devourer Eyes500 Gold
    Streaked Devourer Legs.gifStreaked Devourer Legs600 Gold
    Streaked Devourer Maw.gifStreaked Devourer Maw400 Gold
    Striped Fur.gifStriped Fur50 Gold
    Swamp Grass.gifSwamp Grass20 Gold
    Swampling Moss.gifSwampling Moss20 Gold
    Swarmer Antenna.gifSwarmer Antenna130 Gold
    Tail of Corruption.gifTail of Corruption240 Gold
    Tarantula Egg.gifTarantula Egg80 Gold
    Tarnished Rhino Figurine.gifTarnished Rhino Figurine320 Gold
    Tattered Piece of Robe.gifTattered Piece of Robe120 Gold
    Telescope Eye.gifTelescope Eye1,600 Gold
    Tentacle Piece.gifTentacle Piece5,000 Gold
    Tentacle of Tentugly.gifTentacle of Tentugly27,000 Gold
    Tentugly's Eye.gifTentugly's Eye52,000 Gold
    Tentugly's Jaws.gifTentugly's Jaws80,000 Gold
    Terramite Eggs.gifTerramite Eggs50 Gold
    Terramite Legs.gifTerramite Legs60 Gold
    Terramite Shell.gifTerramite Shell170 Gold
    Terrorbird Beak.gifTerrorbird Beak95 Gold
    The Handmaiden's Protector.gifThe Handmaiden's Protector50,000 Gold
    The Imperor's Trident.gifThe Imperor's Trident50,000 Gold
    The Plasmother's Remains.gifThe Plasmother's Remains50,000 Gold
    Thick Fur.gifThick Fur150 Gold
    Thorn.gifThorn100 Gold
    Tiara.gifTiara11,000 Gold
    Token of Love.gifToken of Love440,000 Gold
    Tooth File.gifTooth File60 Gold
    Tooth of Tazhadur.gifTooth of Tazhadur10,000 Gold
    Torn Shirt.gifTorn Shirt250 Gold
    Trapped Bad Dream Monster.gifTrapped Bad Dream Monster900 Gold
    Tremendous Tyrant Head.gifTremendous Tyrant Head930 Gold
    Tremendous Tyrant Shell.gifTremendous Tyrant Shell740 Gold
    Troll Green.gifTroll Green25 Gold
    Trollroot.gifTrollroot50 Gold
    Tunnel Tyrant Head.gifTunnel Tyrant Head500 Gold
    Tunnel Tyrant Shell.gifTunnel Tyrant Shell700 Gold
    Turtle Shell.gifTurtle Shell90 Gold
    Tusk.gifTusk100 Gold
    Undead Heart.gifUndead Heart200 Gold
    Unholy Bone.gifUnholy Bone480 Gold
    Urmahlullu's Mane.gifUrmahlullu's Mane490,000 Gold
    Urmahlullu's Paw.gifUrmahlullu's Paw245,000 Gold
    Urmahlullu's Tail.gifUrmahlullu's Tail210,000 Gold
    Utua's Poison.gifUtua's Poison230 Gold
    Vampire Dust.gifVampire Dust100 Gold
    Vampire Teeth.gifVampire Teeth275 Gold
    Vampire's Cape Chain.gifVampire's Cape Chain150 Gold
    Varnished Diremaw Brainpan.gifVarnished Diremaw Brainpan750 Gold
    Varnished Diremaw Legs.gifVarnished Diremaw Legs670 Gold
    Veal.gifVeal40 Gold
    Venison.gifVenison55 Gold
    Vexclaw Talon.gifVexclaw Talon1,100 Gold
    Vial of Hatred.gifVial of Hatred737,000 Gold
    Vibrant Heart.gifVibrant Heart2,100 Gold
    Vibrant Robe.gifVibrant Robe1,200 Gold
    Violet Glass Plate.gifViolet Glass Plate2,150 Gold
    Volatile Proto Matter.gifVolatile Proto Matter300 Gold
    Warmaster's Wristguards.gifWarmaster's Wristguards1200 Gold
    Warwolf Fur.gifWarwolf Fur30 Gold
    Waspoid Claw.gifWaspoid Claw320 Gold
    Waspoid Wing.gifWaspoid Wing190 Gold
    Weaver's Wandtip.gifWeaver's Wandtip250 Gold
    Werebadger Claws.gifWerebadger Claws160 Gold
    Werebadger Skull.gifWerebadger Skull185 Gold
    Werebear Fur.gifWerebear Fur185 Gold
    Werebear Skull.gifWerebear Skull195 Gold
    Wereboar Hooves.gifWereboar Hooves175 Gold
    Wereboar Tusks.gifWereboar Tusks165 Gold
    Werefox Tail.gifWerefox Tail200 Gold
    Werehyaena Nose.gifWerehyaena Nose220 Gold
    Werehyaena Talisman.gifWerehyaena Talisman350 Gold
    Werewolf Fangs.gifWerewolf Fangs180 Gold
    Werewolf Fur.gifWerewolf Fur380 Gold
    White Piece of Cloth.gifWhite Piece of Cloth100 Gold
    Widow's Mandibles.gifWidow's Mandibles110 Gold
    Wild Flowers.gifWild Flowers120 Gold
    Wimp Tooth Chain.gifWimp Tooth Chain120 Gold
    Winged Tail.gifWinged Tail800 Gold
    Winter Wolf Fur.gifWinter Wolf Fur20 Gold
    Witch Broom.gifWitch Broom60 Gold
    Withered Pauldrons.gifWithered Pauldrons850 Gold
    Withered Scalp.gifWithered Scalp900 Gold
    Wolf Paw.gifWolf Paw70 Gold
    Wood.gifWood5 Gold
    Wool.gifWool15 Gold
    Writhing Brain.gifWrithing Brain370,000 Gold
    Writhing Heart.gifWrithing Heart185,000 Gold
    Wyrm Scale.gifWyrm Scale400 Gold
    Wyvern Talisman.gifWyvern Talisman265 Gold
    Yellow Piece of Cloth.gifYellow Piece of Cloth150 Gold
    Yielowax.gifYielowax600 Gold
    Yirkas' Egg.gifYirkas' Egg280 Gold
    Young Lich Worm.gifYoung Lich Worm25,000 Gold
    Zaogun Flag.gifZaogun Flag600 Gold
    Zaogun Shoulderplates.gifZaogun Shoulderplates1150 Gold


    This NPC does not sell anything.


    To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Yasir.

    Player: hi
    Yasir: Yasu me halaka. <greets you friendly>
    Player: trade or ariki
    Yasir: Si! Haneka ariki!
    Player: name
    Yasir: Me Yasir.
    Player: job
    Yasir: Tje hari ku ne finjala. Ariki?
    Player: passage
    Yasir: Soso yana. <shakes his head>
    Player: bye
    Yasir: Si, jema ze harun. <waves>