Brown book is found on Edron;
Red square book is found on Isle of the Kings.

Yalahari Worker Golems - A Treatise
The specific golems that are used by the Yalahari have certain features that distinguish them from the more commonly known elemental golems. While certain physiological features are quite obvious, the most important difference is their mind function. They certainly possess some degree of intelligence that surpasses the instinctive level on which lesser elementals operate. Yet, they seem to lack a great deal of impulsiveness and individuality that is common among elementals. Like other golems some basic tasks can be implemented into their minds, and like parrots they can learn some basic phrases which they, unlike parrots, can use in an intelligent and intentional way. Actually their level of intelligence is only rivalled by certain necromantic golems and constructs that have been created by implanting existing spirits into the constructed body. Their lack of individuality makes it quite easy to control them, which by itself would already classify them as the most useful minions. However, what really lets them shine in the area of artificial servants is the composition of their brain (if the centre of a golem's consciousness can be called that way). Their brain is a certain crystal structure, not too different from the one of the rare crystal golems. Now, the most impressive breakthrough the Yalahari accomplished in the area of golem creation is the duplication of brain patterns from one crystal to another. That way the Yalahari were able to duplicate a certain behaviour of a trained golem into newly created golems. For this reason, newly created golems were almost instantly useful and ready for work. As an interesting side note, the same or at least a quite similar technique was used by the Yalahari to operate certain apparatuses and their so-called factories in which highly modified golems created objects in mass production. The usage of crystals by the ancient Yalahari must have been enormous. For their golems they used the easy controllable mindset of their crystal-stored mind patterns with an endurable and easy producible body of rather cheap metal. For that, they constructed basic metal castings that worked like enormous metal puppets. Using complicated but standardised clockwork mechanisms, they enabled these bodies to use certain forms of movement that usually followed the patterns of natural movement. The movement was amplified by the ingenious usage of physics and metallurgy as well as miniature steam engines. So far the creation of Yalahari golems is comprehensible, even if the mechanic of a golem's body is not fully understood and not reproducible with ordinary metal and alloys. What really baffled the scientific community was the way the two parts, the crystal core or brain and the mechanical clockwork body, worked together. It is quite certain that it has to do with magnetism, electricity and heat but the details are completely unclear. There certainly exists an overall enchantment on the golem but it seems so minor that it is supplementary at best. It seems that in our days no new golems are created anymore, so we must assume that the secret of golem creation might be lost. On the other hand, there is still a great number of existing golems and Yalahari artefacts that can be studied. This might be a chance to either recreate or emulate the process of golem creation which would lead to a tremendous breakthrough in the magical sciences.

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