This is a page on the native inhabitants of Yalahar, if you meant the creature, see Yalahari (Creature), if you meant the NPC, see Yalahari (NPC).

The Yalahari were the native inhabitants of Yalahar who fled away from the city to avoid total destruction after they were negatively influenced by Variphor to kill each other. Leaving the city behind to their minions, the city fell into disrepair as the minions failed to keep things running. The minions soon lost control over the outer Quarters and held themselves up in the Inner City. Today, the minions pretend to be true Yalahari. It is also rumoured that a true Yalahari, under the influence of Variphor, has returned to Yalahar.

The history of the Yalahari is written in several Stone Carvings around the city. They can be ordered to make this full story:

Stone Carving (Ship):

The great race of the Yalahari was one of the most advanced and gifted races that were created in the godwars. However, their major flaw - at least in the eyes of the warring gods - was their intelligence.

The Yalahari questioned the whole purpose of fighting a war which was not theirs. Thus, they withdrew from the raging battles all over the world and travelled to one of the northern islands, building their magnificent city which they called Yalahar.

Stone Carving (Building):

In Yalahar, the ancient race pursued their quest for knowledge and science. Their power was so enormous and their magic and weapons that advanced that they could repel the attacks of the warring factions with ease. However, this immense knowledge also initiated the beginning of their downfall.

By analysing the very structure of the universe, their mago-scientists became aware of a 'missing factor' in all world-views, calculations and sciences. All their research hinted at something to be missing from the big picture, something that had to exist as their calculations clearly proved, but yet undiscovered and seemingly eluding comprehension.

Stone Carving (Yalahari):

Feverishly, the Yalahari concentrated all efforts and experiments on studying this phenomenon. After countless years of research, the most brilliant minds of the Yalahari approached a first success. At the point of this breakthrough, some of the involved scientists simply turned insane when their minds suddenly grasped a piece of the incomprehensible.

The Yalahari eventually managed to establish an 'approximation theory' of a place between reality and non-reality, a place that should not be. And that place was not void, but inhabited by one thing which our words could only feebly describe as an 'entity'. Knowing about the power of words, they gave it the name 'Variphor'.

Stone Carving (Fall):

The Yalahari tried to understand and interact with Variphor, but soon their initial thrill was replaced with creeping fear. Variphor was perfectly aware of his existence and that of our universe, and his subtle influence seemed to be responsible for many dire and destructive things which happened in the past. Suddenly it also became shockingly clear to the Yalahari that by giving the entity a name, they had also given it some more substance in our universe.

The horrified Yalahari tried to undo their actions, but it was too late - most of them had gained too deep an understanding of the things that were not supposed to be. Tainted with forbidden knowledge and unable to resist that influence, sisters and brothers turned against each other and in a night of slaughter, most of the once proud race was wiped out. The remaining Yalahari knew about their irreversible corruption and decided to part from this world.

Stone Carving (City):

The corrupted Yalahari left their city in the custody of their minions and vanished from history. Their minions took care of Yalahar and tried to hold up the Yalaharian ideals. However, they were soon overcome with vanity, first acting as representatives of the Yalahari and later even as Yalahari themselves, wearing golden masks and living in luxury. Over the course of time, Yalahar became known as a city of splendor rather than knowledge.

The 'false Yalahari' had no idea how to maintain and repair the ancient devices and thus, many mechanisms simply ceased to function. In the end, some quarters of Yalahar were completely lost due to catastrophes, plagues, experiments gone bad and also criminals coming to Yalahar in search of wealth and freedom. And despite all of that, the false Yalahari still live in the fading glory of the inner city, ignoring the world crumbling around them...
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