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Xerena was merged along with Aldora and Arcania into a new world Nika on August 14, 2014.

Additional Info

  • The highest level on Xerena is Tati of Pythera.
  • Ferumbras was killed the 24th July 2009 for the first time after his second appearance on this world.
  • Ghazbaran has been killed three times.

Xerena Rares

Reasons to play here

  • Normal prices, you can try selling your items to players instead of to npc's.
  • International, you can find players from Sweden, Poland, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Egypt and many other nationalities here.
  • One of the younger servers, you can give it a try to out-level them all.
  • Above average amount of players online during the day which results in faster respawns.


You might get power-abused by a player who is in a war guild. The amount of power abuse by the leading guild is immense. Mostly, lower level players are left alone, but reaching up to 80+ you become an easy target.

Also, many players from other worlds come here to fight for their friends, seen as many people have friends on other worlds (Xerena is a relatively new world).

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