Xenom was the fifth king of the Thaian Kingdom, after succeeding his father Tibianus II. He is a direct descendant of Banor, the first human. Inspired by his father's greatness, Xenom immediately took to expanding. In the northwest of the Tibian continent, he even aspired to building a city which would be the centre of the colonisation of the North. After getting to work, however, he found that this was easier said than done: the continuous Orc attacks made it virtually impossible to succeed. Not willing to accept failure, he forced people disagreeing with his way of governing to live in the city he had named Carlin, and used the Red Legion to keep them under control. In the end, though, the Red Legion had to retreat for the same reason as before: Orcs. Now, Carlin's independence could not be prevented anymore and Xenom's own sister Elorana became the city's first queen.

When Xenom died, he was succeeded by his son Tibianus III.

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