You see Xelvar
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  • Talk to me if you're interested in adventure and excitement.


Kazordoon, north in temple district.


Was implemented with update 9.6. He looks like a Dwarf Guard.

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He is a part of the Bigfoot's Burden Quest.
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Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Teleport Crystal Other Items Other Items150


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Player: hi
Xelvar: Greetings. Are you interested in {adventures}?
Player: adventures or job
Xelvar: Right now I am sort of {recruiting} people.
Player: recruiting
Xelvar: Ok, so listen. Your help is needed. That is if you're the hero type. Our ... {partners} need some help in urgent matters.
Player: partners
Xelvar: I guess the time of secrecy is over now. Well, we have an old alliance with another underground dwelling race, the {gnomes}.
Player: gnomes
Xelvar: The gnomes preferred to keep our alliance and their whole {existence} a secret. They are a bit distrustful of others. ...
Xelvar: They are quite self-sufficient and the fact that they are actually accepting some help is more than alarming. The gnomes are in real trouble and I am kind of an ambassador to find some people willing to {help}.
Player: existence
Xelvar: Gnomes ... ah. You will see for yourself. You will need some good nerves though, I'm warning you. But I have to admit those gnomes are a capable lot and valuable allies. Their incredible self-esteem sometimes is irritating though. ...
Xelvar: I guess though you'd need such a mindset to survive in an environment as they are living in. Don't underestimate them ever. I have seen some of the things the gnomes have fought and they have fought them for centuries. ...
Xelvar: I have to admit that even dwarfs would be hard pressed to best such foes and circumstances.
Player: help
Xelvar: The gnomes are locked in a war with an enemy that thins out their resources but foremost their manpower. We have suggested that people like you could be just the specialists they are looking for. ...
Xelvar: If you are interested to {join} the gnomish cause I can arrange a meeting with their recruiter.
Player: join
if your level is less than 80
Xelvar: Sorry you are too inexperienced to be of any use for the gnomes right now. Do some more adventuring and then return to me. It surely won't take long for you to become a suitable recruit.
if your level is 80 or greater
Player: bye
Xelvar: Good bye. Come back soon.