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Additional Info

Top 3 Exp:

Golden Goblet 1. Leo Ballardo Junior 408 EK

Silver Goblet 2. Arthas Midnight 386 MS

Bronze Goblet 3. Lord Squall De Xantera 380 EK

Top 3 Sword:

Magic Longsword 1. Xande Tuning 110

Warlord Sword2. Lord Squall De Xantera 107

File:Solar Sword.gif 3. Nodivodu 107

Top 3 Axe:

Demonwing Axe 1. Loidde 109

Solar Axe 2. Goralek 108

Great Axe 3. Leo Ballardo Junior 106

Top 3 Club:

Dark Trinity Mace1. Itzcoaltl Izel 100

The Stomper2. Kally Weapon 99

Skullcrusher3. Esmila Eldora 96

Top 3 Distance:

Royal Crossbow1. Lander Mythus 119

The Devileye2. Cuwex Amozen 118

The Ironworker3. Aline de Matz 111

Top 3 Magic:

Sudden Death1. Arthas Midnight 98

Paralyze2. Bicudo Calambau 93

Magic Wall3. Anabgari 92

Other Info

  • Xantera used to be a great world to play on, now due to the fact of many power abusers and theifs people are starting to exercise there world trade options.
  • You can get far by licking on this world, for instance Adaniah. She is one of the most famous lickers on this world.
  • Many theifs on this world such as Arterioscleros Sis Cocleico, Chakal Destroyers these two were notorious after the aledged theifing of Ale Mythus. Also another famous theif is Coverops, hunted and killed off of Xanterian worlds by Allies.

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