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Additional Info

  • Xantera just suffered a war which was won by the guilds Awaken, Return of the lost Heros and Delusion.
  • The guild Eyes of Darkness lost the war.


Top 3 Exp

Golden Goblet 1. Arthas Midnight 415 MS
Silver Goblet 2. Leo Ballardo Junior 408 EK
Bronze Goblet 3. Lord Squall De Xantera 394 EK

Top 3 Sword

Magic Longsword 1. Xande Tuning 110
Warlord Sword2. Lord Squall De Xantera 107
File:Solar Sword.gif 3. Nodivodu 107

Top 3 Axe

Demonwing Axe 1. Loidde 109
Solar Axe 2. Goralek 108
Great Axe 3. Leo Ballardo Junior 106

Top 3 Club

Dark Trinity Mace1. Itzcoaltl Izel 100
The Stomper2. Kally Weapon 99
Skullcrusher3. Esmila Eldora 96

Top 3 Distance

Royal Crossbow1. Lander Mythus 119
The Devileye2. Cuwex Amozen 118
The Ironworker3. Aline de Matz 111

Top 3 Magic

Sudden Death1. Arthas Midnight 98
Paralyze2. Bicudo Calambau 93
Magic Wall3. Anabgari 92

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