Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Venore
Position 127.213, 124.234, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Sorcerer
Other Properties
Version 7.1
December 17, 2002
Status Active
You see Wyda.


West of Venore, in the swamps.


She fled soldiers from her camp north of Carlin and come to the Venore swamps. Here she lives in solitude though not far from a conclave of witches and Bonelords. Looks the same as a Witch.
A book in The Isle of the Kings refers to her as a follower of Zathroth and that she makes a special potions for his minions.

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Part of the Blood Herb Quest.
Part of Bored Mini World Change.
Part of What a Foolish Quest, mission 10.

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To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Wyda.
 During the Bored Mini World Change, Wyda will react differently to most of her keywords. In these transcripts both are listed for comparison.

Player: hi
Wyda: What? Talking to me, Player?
Wyda: I'm bored! Bored bored bored! Nothing ever happens here!
Player: hello
Wyda: Good day, Player.
Player: job or profession
Wyda: I am a witch. Didn't you notice?
Wyda: I think witches these days are underpaid. Who needs a witch anyway?
Player: gods
Wyda: I believe that nature itself is God.
Wyda: Goddess, yes, you may call me that, thank you.
Player: nature
Wyda: There are many swamp plants, mushrooms, and herbs around here.
Player: plants
Wyda: There are many kinds of swamp plants, some can be used for potions, some not.
Wyda: I've heard about a whole different set of corrupted plants. I wonder what kind of potions you could make from them?
Player: mushrooms
Wyda: Mushrooms taste good and are useful for potions.
Wyda: Some mushrooms have strange effects. I just recently noticed that one certain sort lets your hands grow.
Player: herbs
Wyda: The swamp is home to a wide variety of herbs, but the most famous is the blood herb.
Wyda: To be honest, I'm drowning in blood herbs by now.
Player: bloodherb
Wyda: The blood herb is very rare. This plant would be very useful for me, but I don't know any accessible places to find it.
Wyda: To be honest, I'm drowning in blood herbs by now. But if it helps you, well yes.. I guess I could use another blood herb...
Player: potion or recipe or secret
Wyda: The recipe of the potions is one of the witches' secrets!
Player: magic/spell
Wyda: The magic of the witches is one of our secrets!
Wyda: I want to invent a new spell. I just need a good idea.
Player: key
Wyda: I keep my keys where they belong - in my pocket.
Wyda: Here's a secret I've never told anyone before. I actually have a key to the Kazordoon treasury. No, you can't have it.
Player: help
Wyda: I can only help with knowledge. About what do you want me to tell you something?
Player: king
Wyda: There are too many royals on this continent if you ask me...
Wyda: I've heard of a new festival called 'Kingsday'. Why don't they make a 'Witchday'?
Player: Tibianus
Wyda: Haha, that's a stupid name. Who's that?
Wyda: Haha, still a stupid name.
Player: Queen Eloise
Wyda: Eloise is Queen of Carlin. I don't care about royals much, as long as they don't try to tax me.
Wyda: She has become kinda fat over the years, don't you think? Ha... nothing beats some good gossip. I feel almost entertained.
Player: name
Wyda: My name is Wyda, and what's yours?
Wyda: You should know me after all these years!
Player: my name is Player
Wyda: Nice to meet you.
Player: quest
Wyda: A quest? Well, if you're so keen on doing me a favour... Why don't you try to find a blood herb?
Wyda: To be honest, I'm drowning in blood herbs by now.
Player: time
Wyda: I think it is the fourth year after Queen Eloise's crowning, but I cannot tell you date or time.
Wyda: It's about time SOMETHING HAPPENED HERE!
Player: swamp
Wyda: Be careful of the swamp water, it's poisonous!
Wyda: Swamp water is good for your skin.
Player: druid
Wyda: Druids are mostly fine people. I'm always happy when I meet one.
Wyda: Being a druid is fine, you know. Since household injuries are among the most common, you can at least mend your own wounds well.
Player: sorcerer
Wyda: Sorcerers have forgotten about the root of all beings: nature.
Wyda: I wouldn't mind learning a new spell or two. Maybe I should dabble some in sorcerer magic.
Player: knight
Wyda: Knights succumb to the blindness of rage and the desire for violence and blood.
Wyda: Even a knight would be a welcome distraction right now. I could use his little sword to poke him in the eye.
Player: paladin
Wyda: Paladins can use bows, but not brains.
Wyda: I once knew a paladin who had a magic lamp. No wait... different story.
Player: monsters/creatures
Wyda: Many creatures live in, around, and beneath the swamp. Be careful!
Player: Black Knight
Wyda: Wyda: A black knight? Black is the color of witches, why whould any knight carry black?
Wyda: Many creatures live in, around, and beneath the swamp. Be careful... MWIHIHIHIHIHI.
Player: Bonelords
Wyda: Bonelords? Strange creatures that have mysterious magical abilities.
Player: Giant Spider
Wyda: Yes, there is such a thing in the east, on a small island. It's very powerful.
Wyda: Oooooh why are you asking? *whistles*
Player: Hunter
Wyda: To the east, there is a little settlement of hunters. They are cruel humans who attack everything they see.
Wyda: To hunt or to be hunted, I guess it's either of the two.
Player: Slime
Wyda: There's lots of slime around. It is said that they live from the swamp water.
Player: Witches or sister
Wyda: Some sisters of mine are having a meeting nearby. Don't disturb them, or they will get angry and attack you.
Wyda: They never let me join their parties. It's not my fault that I'm smarter and prettier than them. They're just jealous!
Player: cookie
Wyda: I bake cookies now and then in my spare time.
Wyda: I was so bored that I made cookies with insects in them. I sold them in Venore. Maybe you ate one recently.
Player: wand
Wyda: I use a wooden spellwand. Why are you asking?
Wyda: I use a wooden wand. Why are you asking?
Player: crystal ball
Wyda: It's a magical item that only witches can use.
Wyda: Let me take a look... ah, yes, you'll have a good day. Or maybe a bad one. Doesn't really say it clearly.
Player: coffin
Wyda: That's none of your business.
Wyda: Want to end up in one? Keep your nose out!
Player: broom
Wyda: What about it?
Player: fly broom
Wyda: Haha, no... where did you get that idea? I use it to sweep my platform.
Wyda: Sadly, my license expired.
Player: orange
Wyda :I love exotic fruits. I have oranges imported from the south sometimes, but that's very expensive.
Wyda: Actually, I feel more like mangos.
Player: Carlin
Wyda: Carlin is a beautiful town, but far from here. Do you live there?
Wyda: I've heard a band of male bards plays there sometimes. Maybe I should pay it a visit.
Player: Kazordoon
Wyda: Isn't that the name of the little bearded fellows' town?
Wyda: Ah, the pretty city of... dullness.
Player: little bearded fellows or dwarf or dwarves
Wyda: The little bearded fellows have a town somewhere to the north-west.
Player: Thais
Wyda: I've heard stories about that city. It's nowhere near here, that's all I can tell you about it.
Wyda: Not. Interested.
Player: Plains of Havoc
Wyda: Many tales exist about some so-called Plains of Havoc. It seems to be a dangerous place.
Wyda: The Plains of Havoc... ah, fond memories. I used to go there as a little witch and run from all the giant spiders. How scary!
Player: Dwarven Bridge
Wyda: There's a bridge to the west, but it's guarded by dwarfs.
Wyda: Good if you don't want to get your feet wet, I guess. Hey, actually that's a brilliant idea. I could destroy a few bridges... hahaha.
Player: earthquakes
Wyda: The earth in this region shakes now and then. Foolish people think that this is because the gods are angry.
Player: Ferumbras
Wyda: Haha, that's a stupid name. Who's that?
Wyda: Look, behind you!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Player: witch
Wyda: Aye, I am a witch.
Player: become witch
Wyda: You're a MAN! (if you are a man)
Player: evil
Wyda: Evilness doesn't scare me.
Wyda: I'm not evil. What are you implying?
Player: man
Wyda: There are only female witches.
Player: Tibia
Wyda: Tibia is the name of our continent.
Wyda: You're a smart one, aren't you?
Player: health
Wyda: I do not have any potions for healing available right now.
Wyda: Nah sorry. Hehehehehe.
Player: platform
Wyda: This platform and house were built by my mother, long ago.
Player: mother
Wyda: Of course my mother was also a witch!
Player: voodoo
Wyda: I don't practice such nonsense, that's just a rumour.
Wyda: I've recently met that fellow Chondur on a convention. He has some... interesting... skills. *giggles*
Player: Granny Weatherwax
Wyda: I think I've heard that name before...
Player: Nanny Ogg
Wyda: I think I've heard that name before...
Player: buy
Wyda: I'm currently not selling anything.
Player: sell
Wyda: There's nothing I need right now, thanks.
Player: see you
Wyda: Good luck on your journeys, player
Wyda: NO! Don't go! I need someone to entertain me!
Player: bye
Wyda: Good luck on your journeys.
Wyda: NO! Don't go! I need someone to entertain me!

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