Wrath of Nature
Wrath of Nature
exevo gran mas tera


Poisoned Icon Calls forth a huge mass of poisonous vines to strangle enemies, dealing extremely high earth damage on a total of 101 squares around the caster. The spell deals about 5-10% less damage than Eternal Winter, but its area of effect is larger. Casting this spell puts ALL combat spells on a 4-second cooldown.


This spell, together with Eternal Winter, replaced the old Poison Storm spell in the Winter Update 2007. Druids can use either Wrath of Nature OR Eternal Winter. If the player has learned both, they can switch between them by speaking to Zoltan and paying 500 gp. Wrath of Nature is considered to be less useful overall, because, even though it costs 350 mana less, it deals lower damage and many high-levelled monsters are immune to earth damage. Wrath of Nature is the druid's equivalent of the sorcerer's Rage of the Skies, compared to which it has a larger area of effect, but costs 100 mana more and deals about 10% less damage.

Wrath of Nature animation
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