You see a worm.
It weighs 0.05 oz.


Worms are needed to Fish. They were previously sold in sixpacks for 5 gp each. Looks the same as an Enraged Bookworm, which becomes a Worm itself when it dies. The worm image changes depending on the stack size:

  • 1 worm Worm 1.gif
  • 2 worms Worm 2.gif
  • 3 worms Worm 3.gif
  • 4 worms Worm 4.gif
  • 5–9 worms Worm 5-9.gif
  • 10–24 worms Worm 10-24.gif
  • 25–49 worms Worm 25-49.gif
  • 50–100 worms Worm 50-100.gif
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Worms were introduced in some Update 7.5. Before their introduction it was possible to fish with only a Fishing Rod. This led to insane amounts of Fish and food had almost no value because it was so easy to obtain. Rune botters were also used to endlessly fish and make runes to sell, as runes weren't sold at NPCs and there wasn't soul points before.

With Update 10.51 the worm received a new image. It used to look like this: Worm (Old).gif
Previously there were 8 stacks with 2 frames each, after the update there were 8 stacks with 8 frames each. Therefore the File:Worm.gif has one of the largest amounts of frames any Tibian image has.