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World Quests are events or tasks that can be achieved if a large number of the community work together.

World Events are seasonal and start on all game worlds at the same time.

Name Time Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
A Piece of Cake February 21st–26th (+7 days of rewards) 0 8 Carlin, Thais, Edron, Darashia or Liberty Bay during the first stage. Cake Keep Isle south of Cormaya on the second stage. 25% more health and mana regeneration for seven days and a experience bonus of 50% for premium players for seven days. Achievements Cake Conqueror and I Did My Part, and one of these: a Cake Backpack, a Cake Cabinet Kit or a Cake Tapestry. One of three Cupcakes: Blueberry Cupcake, or the Strawberry Cupcake, or Lemon Cupcake.
Annual Autumn Vintage October 1st–8th and October 17th–24th (+7 days of rewards) 0 8 Thais If the world finishes the quest, Health and Mana Potion's effect will be enhanced by 33% for 7 days; achievement Berry Picker.
Bewitched June 21st–25th (+10 days of rewards) 0 8 Green Claw Swamp. Points that can be exchanged with Minzy for Potions and Raven decorations, 7 Achievements (20 points) and 50% experience bonus for 10 days.
Demon's Lullaby May 7th–14th (+7 days of rewards) 0 30 Starts in Jakundaf Desert. Random: Ab'Dendriel, Draconia, Kazordoon, Venore, Vega, any Wheat Field and more. Achievements Baby Sitter and Nanny from Hell, a demon baby doll (Evilina, Impward, Meandi, Whinona, Badbara, Tearesa or Cryana), experience bonus of 50% until May 21st.
First Dragon Quest January 14–February 12 40 200 All over Tibia Festive Outfits, a Porcelain Mask, 3 Colourful Feathers and a backpack containing, 3 Gold Tokens an Ancient Coin, Draken Sulphur, 2 Seacrest Hair, 2 Mystical Hourglass, a Blue Gem, a Red Gem, a Yellow Gem, 2 Demon Horns, 2 Slime Hearts, 2 Energy Veins, 2 Petrified Screams, 2 Brimstone Shells, 2 Deepling Warts, 2 Wyrm Scales and 2 Hellspawn Tails.
Orcsoberfest From the second Friday until the third Friday of October and March (+following weekend of rewards) 0 8 Orcsoberfest Island Festive points that can be exchanged for different rewards; 50% XP boost for creatures of the Demon Bestiary Class. You can also get the achievements Do a Barrel Roll! for the mount, Traditionalist for the outfit and Orcsoberfest Welcome for winning the games, Orcsoberfest Garb Outfit and addons:

Outfit Traditionalist Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Traditionalist Female Addon 3.gif

Rise of Devovorga September 1st–7th (rewards till October 1st) 20 20 Vengoth Increased mana and health regeneration by 50%, achievements Teamplayer, Daring Trespasser, I Did My Part, and by dealing damage to bosses, Slayer of Anmothra, Slayer of Chikhaton, Slayer of Irahsae, Slayer of Phrodomo, Slayer of Teneshpar, Cocoon of Doom, Devovorga's Nemesis. 5 Gold Ingots, 3 Giant Shimmering Pearls, Red Gem, Solitude Charm, 6 Small Emeralds, Berserk Potion, Mastermind Potion, Bullseye Potion, 11 Tentacle Pieces, Soul Orb, Stone of Insight, Devovorga Statue, and 3 Demon Backpacks.
Spring into Life April 16th–23rd 0 8 Tibian cities and Dragon Lairs Dragon Hatchlings yelds 25% more experience. Coloured Eggs, Candies, Bars of Chocolate, Blue Surprise Bags and possibly more from nests.
The Colours of Magic March 15th–23rd and September 15th–23rd (+7 days of rewards) 0 8 All over tibia One week of benefits depending on the winning wizard as well as the possibility of obtaining Zaoan Chess Pieces. I Did My Part and True Colours achievements.
The Lightbearer November 11th–15th (+15 days of rewards) 0 20 Various - starts in Yalahar. Various depending on torches lit - 2 Achievements + World Quest achievement I Did My Part, 10% more experience in shared experience party mode (until November 30th), 20 Midnight Shards, a Brocade Backpack containing a Death Ring, Ring of Healing, 50 Christmas Tokens, 2 Gold Ingots, a Giant Shimmering Pearl, 30 Small Topazes, a Stealth Ring and a Time Ring and Silver Fafnar Trophy or Golden Fafnar Trophy. Moreover, also a Moon Backpack (one time only or a Document), a Crown Backpack containing 2 Rings of Healing, 50 Demonic Essences, 4 Gold Ingots, a Might Ring, a Violet Gem and 40 Small Diamonds, 10 Midnight Shards and the Blazebringer mount.
Tibia Anniversary January 07–January 10 0 Thais 15% Bonus Experience Rate, chance to obtain unique items.
Winterlight Solstice December 22–January 10 (+7 days of rewards) 100 Percht Island Opportunity to obtain the Sleigh mounts, increased (2x) Respawn rate, increased (2x) Mana and Hit Points regeneration, Percht Raider Outfit and addons, achievement Raider in the Dark .
Outfit Percht Raider Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Percht Raider Female Addon 3.gif

World Tasks are set missions which can be fulfilled by players and are bound to specific dates.

Name Time Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
A Pirate's Death to Me Friday–Monday, if Friday falls between the 18th and 23rd, except March, September and October and, if A Piece of Cake or Bewitched are active during these conditions, then also February or June, respectively (+5 days of rewards) 0 8 Thais Lighthouse, cave below Calcanea and Ghost Ship. 4 Achievements (11 total points), 20 Platinum Coins and a Pirates Surprise in a Pirate Bag for each successful journey and 10% more Experience points for some undead creatures if the world reach 50 successful journeys.
Last Creep Standing 20th–25th of every month, except March, September and October 0 20+ Darashia (north of town, here). Shapeshifter Ring, Reward Box, the Master Shapeshifter achievement and a temporary 20% increase in respawn rates for the server.


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