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Wondrous Plant Life - Jungle Edition Vol. 4

The titans orchid is rare and quite a sight. I have no idea how long it takes until a plant reaches its full size which even dwarfs some trees. I have not been able to grow one to its full size yet, and I begin to wonder how old those full grown plants we encountered might have been.

The purple cardinal is a plant that looks very different from any other plant. It grows to enormous proportions and it is the only plant that jungle ants avoid in their ravenous hunger. If we could figure out how the plant protects itself, we might be able to use that knowledge to cultivate the area.

The witches cauldron is quite an eye-catcher. It is extremely big and has its own beauty. The traveller should be warned that it is not advisable to drink the rainwater that gathers in the big blossom. The plant seems to poison the water in some way and severe stomach pains are the most harmless ailments that occur after drinking it. So the conclusion can be drawn that the whole plant is uneatable due to its poison.

The velvet petal is another giant plant of the jungle. Its smell is surprisingly unremarkable but the plant's colourful petals catch easily the attention of the wanderer. They are somewhat hairy and soft and indeed feel like velvet to the touch. The plant is very fragile though so caution is advised. How such a plant manages to survive in the harsh jungle remains a mystery.

The devils tongue flower is another remarkable species of Tiquanda. A man feels quite dwarfish next to this impressive flower. The fact that its leaves, after being dried and grinded, give a spicy substance has led to numerous attempts of Venoran traders to cultivate this plant. It must be feared that they start harvesting that plant in the jungle and destroy the complete species if their efforts in growing this plant stays unsuccessful.

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