On the path between Kazordoon and Venore, north of the Jakundaf Desert.


A pack of wolves lives nearby giving this guildhall its name. This is a good location for guild members who hunt at the nearby Mount Sternum, Jakundaf Desert, Outlaw Camp, Plains of Havoc, Dark Cathedral, Dwarf Mines, and Green Claw Swamp. These are the rooms:

  • Basement floor: 4x6 sqm room with 4 beds, 3x3 sqm empty room, 2x3 passage room.
  • Ground floor: two 2x3 sqm rooms with 2 beds each, two 3x 4sqm empty rooms, two 2x4 sqm passage rooms.
  • First floor: 5x9 sqm room with 12 beds, 3x5 empty room, 3x3 passage room.
  • Second floor: 5x9 sqm empty room, 3x4 sqm with casks, 3x4 sqm passage room.
  • Third floor: three 3x4 sqm rooms with 1 bed each, 25 sqm passage room.
  • Fourth floor: 3x3 sqm empty tower room, 56 sqm balconey.
  • Fifth floor: 3x3 sqm empty tower roof with coal basin.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 21550 gold per month.

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