The Percht Queen is awakening. Are you brave enough to resist the perishing cold that originates from her chambers and stop it from creating a neverending winter?


Percht Island


Opportunity to obtain the Sleigh mounts, increased (2x) Respawn rate, increased (2x) Mana and Hit Points regeneration, Percht Raider Outfit and addons, achievement Raider in the Dark .
Outfit Percht Raider Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Percht Raider Female Addon 3.gif

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On December 22, a small boat will appear near Svargrond's harbour, here. Use it to travel to the Percht Island.

Winterlight Solstice Boat.png
in order the fight The Percht Queen you will need to obtain 3 items :

To get the Twig Arms find a Barrel Filled with Hammers and use it to take a Soft Hammer Soft Hammer. Then, use the hammer on a Bonny BunnyBonny Bunny and it will faint. Use the Stunned Bunny and one of the following messages will appear.

Failed: As soon as you reach out for the stunned rabbit it comes to its senses and flees.
Succeeded: As soon as you reach out for the stunned rabbit it comes to its senses and flees. It seems to have left something!

Do it till you succeed, then pick up the Frozen CarrotFrozen Carrot.

Winterlight Solstice Barrel.png

Now, make a Large SnowballLarge Snowball by using one regular Snowball on another one that is on the ground. You can obtain infinite Snowballs from Snow HeapSnow Heaps around the island.

Winterlight Solstice Snowballs.png

Use the Frozen Carrot on the Large Snowball and an Animated Snowman will spawn. Kill it. You need to do this until you have looted one pair of Twig Arms, and you can only create one Animated SnowmanAnimated Snowman every 5 minutes and on the Percht Island. If you try to create it before the cooldown is over, you'll get the following message: You're still exhausted from building your previous snowman. If you try to do it somewhere else, you'll get the following message: Nothing happens. Just like taking the frozen carrot, this step may also fail.

Failed: A gust of wind blows your snowman away. Unlucky!
Succeeded: <no message>

Broken Bells and Percht Horns are dropped by Perchts and Schiachs all around the island. Once you have all 3 items, you can head to The Percht Queen throne :

in order to enter the teleport you will need to disguise yourself as a percht, use one of the items you obtained on another, that will fashion a percht disguise. you will get the following message: You managed to create a convincing disguise by combining various remains from the percht. Once disguised, you can enter the teleport and fight The Percht Queen.

  • Walk to the south-west and enter the teleport here.

Note: The disguise grants you access to the lever room. if you didn't fight the The Percht Queen (succeeded or failed) you do not need a new disguise.

The Percht Queen

You can fight the queen with up to 5 players, once every 20 hours. The fight is very easy and there is pretty much no danger of dying, a team of players around level 50 should be enough to do it.

In order to defeat the Percht Queen, you must first unfreeze it. To do so, you'll have to do the following steps:

Winterlight Solstice Queen 1.png

1. As soon as you pull the lever, you'll be in a small room with a Warm Bonfire Warm Bonfire and Vortex of Nature Vortex of Nature, here. Use the bonfire and a Percht Warding Torch Percht Warding Torch will appear in front of it, pick it up.

2. Step on the Vortex and your appearance will change to a Leaf Golem.

Winterlight Solstice Queen 2.png

3. Go down, and then quickly go all the way to the other side of the dungeon, here. Do not go north. When you step near the wall, a Rush Wood (Quest) Rush Wood (tree) will appear. Use it 5 times, each time a Branch Branch will appear in front of the tree, pick them all up.

Winterlight Solstice Queen 3.png

4. Go to the south where there will be a Burn Out Bonfire Burn Out Bonfire, here. If it's not lit, use your torch on it and light it up, so it changes into a Smoldering Bonfire Smoldering Bonfire. Start using the wood on the bonfire.

5. After using all the wood, go back to the west side, transform yourself into the Leaf Golem and repeat this process until the bonfire is so big that it's a Blazing Bonfire Blazing Bonfire and a Warm Fire Warm Fire appears (20 Branches are necessary).

Winterlight Solstice Queen 4.png

6. When the Warm Fire appears, the bonfire will stop burning, use a torch on it again (the torch only lasts for 40 seconds, so you'll also need to constantly pick up a new one). Then, use the bonfire and you'll start burning yourself Burning Man.

7. Lure the Warm Fire to the north, but be careful because the Percht Minions will try to kill it. Also avoid the Ice beams that come from the north of the room. The Warm Fire will explode and deal damage to The Percht Queen.

Repeat the process above until The Percht Queen is not frozen anymore (required 4 Warm Fires) and can be killed by the players.

Important notes:

Winterlight Solstice Queen 5.png
  • You can use creatures that don't walk over Fire to draw the attention of the Percht Minions. Two creatures between the stairs and the center are enough. This can also be done by Paladins and Knights using Animate Dead Runes.
  • Never walk to the north of the room if you're not transformed into a burning man. You'll instantly "freeze" and be teleported out of the battle, with no way to come back.
  • If you don't go near the bonfire to the west every few minutes, you'll start feeling cold (You are cold.). If this message appears, quickly go west and walk near the bonfire to warm yourself.
  • In order to receive loot, the player must deal Elemental damage to The Percht Queen. Knights should use weapons with elemental damage or runes such as Great Fireball Runes, even if the damage is low it's enough to get the reward.


Once the Winterlight Solstice ends, all worlds receive a week of increased respawn rates (2x) while mana & health points regenerate twice as fast. Since it's not really possible to "fail" in this event, all game worlds receive this reward.

The Percht Queen has been defeated, rejoice in the majesty of light and let its renewed grace heal your body and soul!

Percht Raider Outfits

  • After defeating The Percht Queen for the first time, you'll receive the Percht Raider Outfits.
  • You'll receive the first addon of the outfit after participating in the event 2 times (2 years).
  • You'll receive the second addon of the outfit and the achievement Raider in the Dark after participating in the event 3 times (3 years).

Sleigh Mounts

Note that if you have already participated in the event 2 or 3 times you can get the mounts and upgrades during the same event, as long as you deliver one Skull for each mount. The mounts do not replace their previous version which means there are a total of 9 different mounts you can use.