Update Tree Winter
Winter Updates usually implement major changes. They are also called Christmas Updates.

Version Name Release Date Summary Changes


Christmas Update 2000


December 23, 2000

This update introduced several new areas and new creatures were added.

  • The Platinum Coin was introduced.
  • The Poisoned status condition was added.
  • New areas were created, although they still didn't have their modern names:
  • Priests were added to towns.
  • A bug with Ladders has been fixed so they will no longer disappear when many items are placed on the same tile; this prevents trapping players through this method.



Christmas Update 2002

Pair of Soft Boots

December 17, 2002

Introduced items with special attributes, Venore, private chat channels and tracking of deaths.

  • There are now magic items, rings, amulets and other clothing which give special abilities like skill improvements or protection against against some types of damage.
  • Venore was introduced, designed by Knightmare.
  • Rookgaard was expanded.
  • The Oracle was introduced, allowing players to choose the city they go to.
  • All deaths of players are now recorded with time and reason.
  • Private chat channels were introduced.
  • Writable documents were implemented.
  • When a player loses their house, their belongings will be sent to their depot.



Christmas Update 2003

Amulet of Loss

December 16, 2003

Premium outfits, tutors, the skull system, and a quest system and a new area near Carlin were added.

  • The Ghostlands and Ulderek's Rock were revamped.
  • The Isle of the Kings was implemented.
  • New outfits for premium account players, as well as improved graphics.
  • A quest system was introduced.
  • Monsters are smarter now, with more varied combat tactics.
  • Automatic marking of aggresive players and player killers, known today as the Skull System.
  • Tutors were implemented, players who like to help other players may become them.
  • Automatic disconnection of idle players.
  • The Amulet of Life was replaced.
  • Diagonal movement of characters and monsters was introduced.
  • Cities now have their own backpack colors.



Christmas Update 2004


December 14, 2004

Login queues, new furniture, skill bars and more were introduced.

  • Login queues, from now on, you're placed on a automatic queue instead of having to retry and reintroduce your login information every time.
  • New furniture was added to decorate houses, such as tapestries.
  • Skill bars were added to the Skills window, allowing you to see your progress to the next level.
  • Crystal Coins were added, allowing players to carry more money with less weight.
  • The Djinns and many more creatures were added.



Christmas Update 2005

Volcanic Rod

December 12, 2005

The magic system was revamped, adding wands and rods, faster mana regeneration and more, as well as graphical improvements.

  • The sprites of coastlines and mountains were improved.
  • Wands and Rods were introduced, magical weapons for sorcerers and druids respectively.
  • Mana regeneration was increased, but also the mana cost of spell was increased. However, instant spells will be cheaper.
  • A level requirement was introduced to spells.
  • Coloured light sources were added.
  • Writable documents now show a label indicating who was the last person to edit it and the date.
  • Deeper Banuta was added.



Christmas Update 2006


December 12, 2006

This update had Ab'Dendriel revamped, Pits of Inferno and Dream Realm added as well as the Bank System and Quest Log implemented, among other improvements.

  • Ab'Dendriel was revamped, receiving a new tree wall set.
  • Many Rookgaard caves were changed so players can't get stuck without a rope.
  • Pits of Inferno was introduced.
  • Dream Realm was introduced.
  • The Dream Realm was added.
  • Characters now receive an empty bag after their death if they backpack slot is empty.
  • Poison damage when drinking slime has been reduced and it can no longer kill you.
  • Adding "sounds" to eating.
  • Revised NPCs on Rookgaard (beginner-friendly); it is not possible anymore to accidentally sell/buy an item
  • All healers will heal the character even when busy
  • Just like drinking, eating will also make a sound now.
  • "Select Outfit" dialog displays the name of the outfit
  • Writeable documents contain the date they had been written (both when "used" and "looked at")
  • Scroll arrows for tabs of chat windows flash up and indicate when new text was written in chat windows currently being hidden
  • "You are dead" dialog after character died (with option to re-login with same character)
  • Rookgaard trade channel (only for no-vocation characters); senior tutors and above can open both trade channels
  • Some raids now feature quests.
  • Bank System introduced.
  • The Quest Log.



Christmas Update 2007

Eternal Winter

December 11, 2007

Elemental damage was redesigned, vocation balancing changes and the party experience sharing system was added.



Winter Update 2008

Yalahari (Creature)

December 10, 2008

Yalahar was added, the party chat channel and party buffs



Christmas Update 2009

Draken Warmaster

December 9, 2009

The new continent Zao was added, the introduction of most creature products and many new items and creatures.



Winter Update 2010

Midnight Panther

December 8, 2010

This update introduced Mounts, a new Cooldown system as well as other minor changes.

  • Revamped areas
  • Mounts was introduced as a kind of outfit with 10 levels speed bonus. Most mounts are obtainable only by premium players after using certain items (dropped by creatures) on monsters. NPC Lothar will give more information about taming.
  • New spells for all vocations.
  • New status condition: Bleeding
  • New Cooldown system for spells. Stronger spells have a longer delay.
  • Lured creatures walk back to their respawn places as soon as they lose their target.
  • Players are not able to rope wild creatures any more.
  • Players are able to pass through other players in protection zones on all game world types.
  • Changes in channels - RL-Chat and Game-Chat has been merged and named World-Chat, Trade has been named Advertising and Default-Chat has become Local-Chat.
  • Intense Healing runes and Ultimate Healing runes colors were changed from gray and dark blue respectively, to white in order to avoid abuse scenarios.



Winter Update 2011


December 14, 2011

This update introduced the Market and changes to the Depot System. It also introduced Mini World Changes and new areas.

  • The Depot locker was remade. It will no longer hold any items and is divided into 3 slots; Depot Chest, Inbox and Market. Items that were located in the Depot locker was moved to the inbox for the player to move themselves to their Depot Chest.
  • A Market was introduced. Using this interface players can easily buy and sell items without the need to be online. It is available in both clients, however some extra features are only available in the Flash Client.
  • An Inbox will also be created where items sent to you will be delivered, including items from the Market, Parcels and Letters.
  • Mini World Changes were introduced. These World Changes are small changes which will have a chance to happen on any day. Unlike World Changes, players will have no influence on triggering these changes.
  • The system that creates Raids will be changed allowing CipSoft more control on the frequency, timing and probability of which they occur.
  • The achievement Notorious Worldsaver has been removed due to a bug allowing players to obtain it without effort.
  • New areas were introduced:



Christmas Update 2012

Corym Vanguard

December 12, 2012

This updated revamped Venore and its surronding areas. This also implemented some changes to the game's core mechanics.

  • Venore received a revamp, with new swamp-themed creatures.
  • A lorry was added to Kazordoon, as well as many improvements to its mines.
  • The Adventurer's Guild was added.
  • The Demon Outfits were added.
  • Changes have been made to the character speed formula. Characters lower than 175 will notice an increase in their walk speed, while characters higher than 175 will notice a decrease (i.e., they will gain less speed at higher levels).
    • The walk speed of underwater tiles has been adjusted.
  • Changes to the monster area of effect (AoE) have been made so that monsters cannot hit each other with offensive spells, and they cannot affect players with support spells. Certain exceptions have been made to ensure quests requiring this can still be completed.
  • Characters below 150 health points will have a much faster Hit Points regeneration rate.
  • After dying and re-logging your server log is kept, you will see a message: You were killed by <player>
  • Furniture Shopkeeper NPCs do not longer sell Christmas Decoration during christmas time, instead this stuff is sold by a new type of NPCs called messengers of Santa.
  • To ensure the Knight can use their basic healing spell, all characters had their mana increased by 5. Newly created characters will start with 5 mana.



Winter Update 2013


December 11, 2013

This update added Roshamuul, Umbral Creation, new riding animations, Dream Warden Outfits, among other things.



Winter Update 2019

The Pale Worm

December 02, 2019

This update brought the Netherworld, the Bestiary Tracker and other improvements to the Prey System.

  • New main questline, the Feaster of Souls Quest
  • New widget for the Analytics Selector, the Party Hunt Analyser allows players to see the supplies, loot, damage and healing done of the whole Party during a Hunting Session.
  • The Bestiary Tracker is a new widget that helps players keep track of their Bestiary progress without opening the main window.
  • Improvements in the Character Selection window, which can now have pinned characters. You can also select a character by typing parts of its name.
  • The Prey System is expanded with the Prey Hunting Tasks, which gives players the opportunity to kill creatures in exchange for points that can be traded for an outfit, a mount or decorative items.
  • Due to the large number of Control Buttons near the inventory, these buttons can now be hidden in the main settings menu, allowing players to only display the buttons they use often.


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