Wilmot Dustheart is an explorer who one day stumbled upon an iceberg on the northern shore of Tiquanda. Baffled by this unique sight, he mounted it and researched the currents of the Tibian ocean in order to find out how this could have happened. After discovering the cause of this oddity, he wrote his findings down in his journal. Unfortunately, he never made it back to land; he froze to death in the harsh conditions shortly after.

From a Note Pinned on the Wall behind the journal it becomes clear that the Chakoyas inhabiting the iceberg now feverishly guard Wilmot's book, as they think he might get mad at them if he ever were to thaw and find it gone.

Attention! Strange man without fur came to our iceberg. Excitedly began scribbling odd signs into thing made of many pieces of paper. He called it a book. Keep so-called book safe in case now frozen man does unfreeze and wants book back.
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