You see a wicked witch.
It weighs 19.90 oz.
She was one of Ferumbras' former students at the Noodles Academy. Awarded by TibiaLabs.com.
  • ... A pinch of voodoo lily pollen, a drop of frozen tear and swirl to combine.
  • Do you want to learn forbidden magic?
  • Every scientist is mad, just like Kirok.
  • Hail TibiaLabs.com!
  • I've put a spell on you, <Player>.
  • Trouble, trouble, cauldron bubble!


You can see bubbles coming out of its cauldron. Once used, it will become a Wicked Witch (Activated) Wicked Witch (Activated) for about 4 seconds.
Fansite item of TibiaLabs. This item was designed by Aynnah.

This item was awarded to three players during the Fansite Appreciation Day 2022. The winners were:

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

No NPC sells this item.

Sell To

No NPC buys this item.