White Pearl

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  • Climb to the top of the Serpentine Tower in Ankrahmun, south-east of the Depot (here).
  • Go down to the ground floor within the tower (do not go below - it is dangerous).
  • In the room north, place a Pot on the open fire in the room. This will activate the Magic Forcefield on the east side of the room, so that it teleports you into the quest room.
  • Go through the teleport and get the White Pearl from the chest.

Warning: if you go below the white pearl quest it is possible to find a Fire Elemental loose, and another floor below contains a Green Djinn. Take care if you go below.
Note: due to its closeness (same tower) it is commonly believed that the white pearl quest is part of a larger quest, the Serpentine Tower Quest, which as of yet is unfinished.

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