Property Value
Usage Properties
Words exori hur (with a target)
Element Physical
Mana 40
Cooldown 6 seconds
Group CD 2 seconds
Requirement Properties
Vocation Knight
Level 28
Other Properties
Spell Group Attack Spells
Cost 1500 gp
Version 8.0
June 26, 2007
Status Active
Whirlwind Throw
Whirlwind Throw
exori hur (with a target)


Physical Damage Icon Throws the wielded weapon at the selected target like a boomerang, dealing physical damage.


A knight's only long-range offensive ability. It is slightly weaker than Brutal Strike, but it has an attack range of 5 square meters. The animation will change depending on the weapon type you are wielding. It will look like throwing a Blacksteel Sword when wielding a sword, a Royal Axe when wielding an axe and a Cranial Basher when wielding a club.

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