Property Value
General Properties
Name Wheat
Item ID 3651, 3652, 3653
Classification Grass
Other Properties
Walk Speed 150
Version Unknown.
Status Active
You see wheat.


In Wheat Fields around tibia, specifically around Cormaya, Edron, Fibula, Greenshore, Kazordoon, Mintwallin, Rookgaard, Thais, Carlin, Isle of the Kings and east of Ab'Dendriel Depot.


You can cut it with a scythe. When wheat is cut it grows back in a two real-time days (after two server-saves).
When you cut the wheat and look at the tile below it says, "You see wheat. It has just been cut."
When it starts to regrow green it says, "You see wheat. It's not mature yet.."
Wheat is only walkable after it is cut in short yellow and green stages.

How to make bread, cakes, or cookies

You need...

Flour (can be gotten by harvesting a wheat and grinding it in a millstone)
Water (for bread) or Milk (for cake)
Baking Tray (only for cookies)

1. Get the water into a trough or bucket.
2. Use flour with water or milk. You will get a Lump of Dough or a Lump of Cake Dough
3. For cookies, use the Lump of Cake Dough on a Baking Tray to get Baking Tray with cookie dough.

4. Use the lump or tray with an oven. You will get your Bread, Cake, or 12 Cookies.

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Cut 200 of these to obtain the Happy Farmer achievement.
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