General Information[]

Weapons in Tibia are divided into five sub-categories, the use of any weapon of one category will raise your skill (in the case of magical weapons, your Magic Level) with that kind of weapon, allowing you to deal higher damage while using it (except for magical weapons, where the damage range is fixed). The five weapon types are:

  1. Axe Weapons
  2. Sword Weapons
  3. Club Weapons
  4. Distance Weapons
  5. Magical: Wands and Rods

In-Depth information[]

  • Distance - Typically a paladin-only weapon type. These weapons provide no defensive value whatsoever, but can be fired from afar with varied distances. Thrown variations, such as the Throwing Star and Spear, can be used with a shield, while the Crossbow and other ammunition launchers cannot.
  • Fist - Practically useless, aside from personal enjoyment, fist fighting is simply the default weapon type when no weapon is equipped. May be used in conjunction with a shield.
  • Club - Club weapons are typically inexpensive, especially if they are not sellable to an NPC. While in the past they were considerably weaker than either Sword or Axe, new clubs introduced in (fairly) recent updates have made club a viable option for new knights. The Club class has several two-handers with usefully high defense (such as Arcane Staff and Lunar Staff) which are viable options for hunting. A downside is that several one-handers have detracting defense modifiers (such as Demonbone and Cranial Basher - though the Demonbone is actually better used without a shield: its defence detractor with a shield and high defence results in better defence when used without a shield). Clubs have a reputation for being rather heavy, and although some are, the majority are no heavier than their equivalents of other weapon types. They tend to be inexpensive (especially at lower levels) and skill rings are cheap and readily available.
  • Axe - Axes are generally regarded to be the best weapon choice for knights. Arguably the best widely attainable weapon in the game is currently the Hellforged Axe, which has the highest attack of any one-handed weapon aswell as the (current) maximum positive defence modifier. In terms of all-out attack, the axe-type is undoubtably a better choice than either of the alternative melee weapon classes. Axes lack effective two-handers, as most two-handed axes have unbearably low defense values. Another detractor of the axe is that it is the weakest weapon type for players below level 20 using one handed weapons.
  • Note: Between Swords and Axes there is an established diference in leveling that lends a hand in the popularity of swords among players. While leveling, Knights will hit signature levels that allow for a new weapon/armor peice to be equiped properly. The availablility, rareness, and cost of certain weapons make the difference as to whether or not a player can buy /loot /quest for an item. So while axes on paper can be regarded as the best weapon of choice, swords are easier to come by. Some swords actually become the better weapon of choice in a few points of the leveling process. A key example of this are the levels from 60 to 80. At level 60 a Knight has the option to equip a Mystic Blade, which for that level is better than the Heroic Axe (Both enchantable). At 62 Knights can equip the Crystalline Sword which surpasses any of the sword weapons till level 80 when the Magic Sword becomes available (however the Magic Sword is expensive). Note that one handed Axe weapons during these levels are limited in availability due to the rarity of their drops (Ravenwing is a prime example), and are weaker than the swords mentioned above. It's not until higher levels, when even more equipment and weapons become available that Axe's become the better weapon of choice.
  • Sword - Sword Weapons are actually the worst (though not by much) of the 3 melee weapon types (if you discount the unobtainable varieties, eg: MLS) since the recent improvements to the club class. One-handed swords have slightly lower attack values than both of their counterparts at higher levels, and the same holds true at lower levels too. One-handed swords also have higher defence values than their counterparts, though this is negated with the use of a shield. Swords of the two-handed variety typically have decent defense values (making them a viable hunting option) with most having defences between 20 and 30, they tend not to be particularly light or cheap compared to their counterparts though. Some examples are Dragonslayer, Two Handed Sword, and Avenger (which has a particularly high defence value). Swords tend to be the most popular weapon choice, despite being not being the best at either high or low levels, skill rings tend to be more expensive also.
  • Wands and Rods - Unlike other weapon classes, these magical weapons are not influenced by the related skill (magic level) that their use raises, meaning that their damages fall within set ranges regardless of the users level or magic level. With a wide range of Magical Damage types available, a mage equipped with a wand or rod is a useful ally when hunting a wide range of monsters (with a wide range of elemental-weaknesses to be exploited)

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