A pirate forgot his treasure in a cave in the waterfalls near the traitorous nest of the feared Hydras.


Near Forbidden Lands in Tiquanda

Required Equipment

Rope (or Magic Rope spell)


  • Go down the hidden hole near The Blind Prophet (here). You can either come from the west (via Port Hope) passing by the area south of Banuta or you can take a new route from the south (Kha'Zeel) through the Elephants area near the Hydra spawn. There is now a log across the river here which makes it a little easier, but no less dangerous, than trampling through the jungles of north Tiquanda.

Depending on the route you take, you may face all of the creatures listed above on the way to and from the Pirate cave. It is marked as light grey in your minimap. NB: If you are coming from the south watch out for any lured Hydra!

Follow the cave to the west, and go up the many holes.


  • Go south on the cliff face to the east (stand where the character is standing and walk -->)


  • Fall down the waterfall. (Yellow "stair" spot on minimap.)

Then swim north one sqm and you'll get teleported behind the waterfall wall.


  • Once you are inside the cave, swim south. Then walk onto the beach and open the chest to get your rewards. There's a Rum Flask to the left of the beach and you can take that too, there's just no Rum in it. Head back north to the teleporter in order to leave the cave.


Note: you cannot move anywhere else after you have fallen down the waterfall, just north, to get into the cave.

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