2 Blackboards, 4 Dustbins, Wine and Beer Cask, 24 Wall Lamps.



Directly in front of Thais depot.


Located in central Thais, directly north of the depot. There are 6 beds in 4 bedrooms in the basement, and 5 beds in 4 rooms on the second floor. These are the rooms:

  • Basement floor: 2x7 passage room, two 3x3 rooms with 2 beds each, two 3x3 with 1 bed each, 47 sqm room with casks, 6 sqm room;
  • Ground floor: entrance room with 35 sqm open space and 4 sqm shop behind Counter, 33 and 16 sqm open rooms;
  • First floor: 19 sqm entrance room, 15 sqm passageway, 2x5 with 2 beds, 2x3 with bed, 2x6 with bed, 3x4 with bed, 2x6 balcony.


This guildhall name used to be Warriors Guildhall. Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 14725 gold per month.