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War of Welcome Begins
It happened suddenly one morning. A group of Dwarves were passing by the Orc territory outside their mountain. They were on their way to Thais to sell off some of their jewels of the mountain. The orcs tried to ambush them but falied. The dwarves reacted quick and by valor and superior equipment defeated the raiders. This ensued the War of Welcome. After this incident the dwarves who claimed that the time had come to stand up for their beliefs and their treasure got the proof they needed to convince their brethren and sisters of their cause. The orcs would not retreat though and prepared themselfes for war. After a year of battle the orcs were finaly crushed and the tribe scattered. The dwarves now again claimed dominance over the heart of the continent and all the land that 'where under the shadow of the big old one'. The humans of the thaian kingdom became allys to the dwarfen empires soon after theese wars and trade flourished.

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