You see a wand of vortex.
Classification: 1 Tier: 0.
It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers of level 6 or higher.
It weighs 19.00 oz.
Surges of energy rush through the tip of this wand.


The sorcerer's equivalent of the druid's Snakebite Rod and the lowest-levelled wand available on the mainland. Provides 2 sqm of blue light. A rather effective weapon, as low level monsters are usually not resistant to energy damage. Wands of Vortex replaced Blue Spell Wand Blue Spell Wands in the Winter Update 2005. Looks the same as Xodet's First Wand and the Sorc and Druid Staff.

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Needed for Mage Outfits Quest (male) and Summoner Outfits Quest (female).
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The Autumn Patch 2014 lowered the level requirement to wield this wand from 7 to 6.

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