Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Thais
Position 127.54, 125.19, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Postman
Other Properties
Version 7.3
August 11, 2004
Status Active
You see Wally.


Wally is Kevin's assistant.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Label Household Items Household Items1
Letter 1Household Items Household Items5
Parcel 2Household Items Household Items10


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General keywords

Player: hi
Wally: Be greeted, traveller.
Player: job
Wally: I am working here at the post office for Kevin.
Player: Kevin
Wally: Oh, our boss is upstairs. Better only disturb him with important issues though.
Player: mission
Wally: Ask Mr. Postner about your current missions.
Player: name
Wally: I'm Wally the post officer.
Player: Wally
Wally: Yes, thats me, Wally!
Player: elven
Wally: Elven volunteers for becoming a postofficer are quite rare. We had to rely on a human living there to ensure our postsystems function. Most elvish members of the guild prefer to work as courriers.


Player: Edron
Wally: I gues Edron isn't the source of wealth and rescources as the thaians hoped. The defection of those knights did cause the expansion and exploitation there to an halt.
Player: dwarfs or Kazordoon
Wally: The city of the dwarfs is a bit hidden and new postoficers often get lost while looking for it. Just look for a hidden passage to a western valley in the mountaion called the big old one.
Player: The Big Old One
Wally: Its a huge Mountain, north of here, just across the river.
Player: Thais
Wally: One of the oldest holdings of humanity that still exist and the heart of the biggest kingdom in the known world.
Player: Venore
Wally: I think no longer is king Tibianus reigning this city, nor are the merchants ruling it, regardless what they might think. The true monarch before whom all there bow is the money.

Tips over quests

Player: bones
Wally: If I would be looking for bones I'd inspect some skeletons ... If I weren't so affraid of them that is.
Player: Markwin
Wally: This minotaur is quite moody. Better make sure not to anger him. He's likely to call for his guards as soon as he notices a stranger, so you are on tough luck if you ever find him.
Player: Noodles
Wally: This dog is his majestys most priced possesion and heavily guarded. Anger the dog and you anger the king.

Other postmen

Player: Benjamin
Wally: Old Ben lost some of his marbles in some battle long ago. He is still a quite capable postman though ... on second thought thats some disturbing fact.
Player: Dove
Wally: Dove is as good as a dozend pigeons. He He He.
Player: Liane
Wally: Although I never met her in person we became penpals over the time.
Player: Lokur
Wally: Dwarfs make quite good postmen. They are stubborn, strong and ... sturdy. Its a waste that he prefers a job behind the counter.
Player: Olrik
Wally: This Olrik was made postman only for convenience. He is quite aware that his attitude and affiliation with the thaian government makes it impossible for him to rise in rank. This leads only to him behaving even worse tough.
Player: bye
Wally: It was a pleasure to help you.

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