Near Venore.


Witches in the Cave; Scorpions, Poison Spiders, Wasps, Amazons and maybe more on the way there.

Required Equipment


Find this hole in the Green Claw Swamp.

  • Travel to Green Claw Swamp, and find the hole on the north side of the swamp (here). There are Wasps, Poison Spiders and Scorpions about on the ground level. You can get to this hole from the west of Venore (by walking east from the Dwarf Bridge), or you can travel through the swamp from the northwest entrance to Venore.
  • Once down the hole, go directly west and down one more level:
    Voodoo Doll Quest Map 01.jpg
  • On this level are 3 Witches, you will find the quest boxes in the large room to the east, against the east wall. You can easily use the corners of the entryway to lure the witches one at a time.
    Voodoo Doll Quest Map 02.jpg

    The two reward boxes.

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