Commonly known simply as "The Cult", this mysterious group of men have made their base on the island of Goroma in the Shattered Isles. They are serving and try to wake up Ancient Demons of the Triangle. They believe that a fire demon has made its home in the volcano on that island. They are also present on the Ice Islands, where they are melting ice to wake an ancient demon, and the isle of Yalahar.

See also Sorcerers and Necromancers for other human magicians.

All Voodoo Cultists are weak to Death Damage and have the same or greater weakness to Energy Damage. Some of them are also weak to Physical Damage.

Voodoo Cultists

Name Exp HP Loot
Novice of the Cult
Novice of the Cult.gif
Missing File
100 285
Enlightened of the Cult
Enlightened of the Cult.gif
Missing File
500 700
Adept of the Cult
Adept of the Cult.gif
Missing File
400 430
Acolyte of the Cult
Acolyte of the Cult.gif
Missing File
300 390

Voodoo Cultist Bosses

Name Exp HP Loot
Grandfather Tridian
Grandfather Tridian.gif
Missing File
1400 1800
Tzumrah the Dazzler
Tzumrah the Dazzler.gif
Missing File
? 1600~


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