A promotion is a permanent vocation upgrade. As well as a new title, promoted players will have enhanced regeneration, lowered death penalty, and can learn a promotion-specific spell. Promotions can be bought at royal figures in different societies:

Vocation promotion costs 20,000 gp and can only be bought if the following requirements are met:

  • The account must be premium;
  • The character must be level 20 or higher.

Vocation promotion will remain if the requirements are not met at a particular point after purchase, however:

  • If an account runs out of premium time, vocation promotion and all benefits are suspended until premium is bought;
  • If a character loses level 20, vocation promotion will still apply. However, the rooking of a character will remove the promoted status (as well as the vocation).


Promoted characters will receive a new title.

Promoted characters will have a reduced death penalty. In case of death, a promoted character will lose 30% less experience and skills. Item drop rates are unaffected.

Health and mana regeneration rates are faster with promotion. The rate change according to the following table.

Vocation HP Mana Promoted title HP(diff) Mana(diff)
Knight 1 hp/6 sec 2 mana/6 sec Elite Knight 1 hp/4 sec +1 hp/12 sec 2 mana/6 sec
Paladin 1 hp/8 sec 2 mana/4 sec Royal Paladin 1 hp/6 sec +1 hp/24 sec 2 mana/3 sec +2 mana/12 sec
Druid 1 hp/12 sec 2 mana/3 sec Elder Druid 1 hp/12 sec 2 mana/2 sec +2 mana/6 sec
Sorcerer 1 hp/12 sec 2 mana/3 sec Master Sorcerer 1 hp/12 sec 2 mana/2 sec +2 mana/6 sec

Maximum soul points are increased by 100 for promoted characters. In addition, the rate at which you gain them is increased. Players without promotion regenerate soul points at 1 per 2 minutes, while promoted characters regenerate at 1/15 seconds.

Promoted characters can learn new spells:

Elite Knights
Royal Paladins
Elder Druids
Master Sorcerers


  • When a promoted character loses premium, they will temporarily lose the promotion until they get premium back again. However, changes to the website are not immediately active: the character will show as promoted until they next log in and out, when the website will be updated.