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Vinera was merged along with Elera and Tenebra into the new world Laudera on May 2, 2016.


  • The word Vinera comes from the Latin word "Vino" that means Wine.
  • There used to be many wars on Vinera, until the ex-leader guild Distinct disbanned.
  • The wars in this server focus on quantity more than quality

Top Players


Roxuos Elite Knight Mgic Xarfai Master Sorcerer Zenit Thugs Royal Paladin Reaper Slayer Elder Druid


  • Used to be known for awesome wars and pvp strategy until 2010 when the good players left and only botters and no skill players arrived. Also, when PvP Changed.
  • Cheap Items since many botters
  • There are a lot of peaceful guilds for more relaxed game play and brotherhood.
  • An ideal server for house decorating, RPG and making Quests
  • World like Non PvP You wont see people fighting they don't like it


  • The leading guild (Ambition) power abuses, bot and force players to pay for protection.
  • Difficult to start out due to high numbers of botted locations.
  • Low level Free Account players are constantly trapped harassed and killed.
  • Most war Guilds are known to make multiple second characters/accounts to randomly kill anyone known or believed to have great amounts of money or rare items.
  • It's very rare to talk to people who speak English because most players are from Mexico, Venezuela, or other Latin American countries.
  • Leading guild doesn't allow transfers. Since they can't bot anymore on the spawns, anyone who transfers is hunted upon arrival.

Legendary Players

  • Kutagawa was the first Royal Paladin in all of Tibia to successfully block Orshabaal. Was well known for his PvP tactician style of game play. A role model to many tibia players today.
  • Saint Vallion was the first Elite Knight to receive popularity and fame amongst all tibia players. He is the most recognized icon in Vinera, mainly for his videos "Saint on Vinera".
  • Sunnade was the first Master Sorcerer to reach level 200, 250 and 300. First to own a Ferumbras Hat and all addons. Second to complete The Demon Oak Quest. Now he is deleted.
  • Liran was the first Elder Druid to reach level 200, 250 and 300.
  • Kushiry was the first player and Elite Knight to reach level 200. Also first Knight to reach magic level 9.
  • Lenx was the first Royal Paladin to reach level 200.
  • Rustam was the first player to reach level 300.
  • Decimo Miliximus was the first Elite Knight to reach level 300.
  • Yunkell Soul was the first sharer account to reach level 350. First to complete The Demon Oak Quest
  • Kryonz was the first to block all Morgaroth, Ghazbaran, Orshabaal, Ferumbras and all Inquisition bosses.
  • Roxuos was the first Botter Elite Knight level 400.
  • Magic Xarfai was the first Master Sorcerer level 400.

Remarkable Guilds On Server History

Last Ones, Mantus, Aerials, Distinct, Sinners.

Server Achievements

  • Ferumbras - Ferumbras has appeared 12 times but has only been killed 9 times (6 times in 2 years)

Rare Items

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