You see Vincent
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Yalahar, west side of the main street, north of the depot, 4th floor.


He is the town's fletcher.

Trade Details


Item   Value
Spear Weapons Weapons3
Bow Weapons Weapons100
Crossbow Weapons Weapons120


Item   Value
Arrow Weapons Weapons3
Bolt Weapons Weapons4
Bow Weapons Weapons400
Crossbow Weapons Weapons500
Crystalline Arrow Weapons Weapons20
Drill Bolt Weapons Weapons12
Earth Arrow Weapons Weapons5
Envenomed Arrow Weapons Weapons12
Flaming Arrow Weapons Weapons5
Flash Arrow Weapons Weapons5
Onyx Arrow Weapons Weapons7
Piercing Bolt Weapons Weapons5
Power Bolt Weapons Weapons7
Prismatic Bolt Weapons Weapons20
Royal Spear Weapons Weapons15
Shiver Arrow Weapons Weapons5
Sniper Arrow Weapons Weapons5
Spear Weapons Weapons9
Tarsal Arrow Weapons Weapons6
Throwing Star Weapons Weapons42
Vortex Bolt Weapons Weapons6
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