You see Vigintius
NPC Bubble D
  • Mysterious inscription underneath Thais discovered! Member of Explorer Society still missing!
  • Wanna dig for some treasures? Grab your shovel or buy one here!
  • Come here, buy some tasty food and drinks!
  • Enjoy the festivities here on Vigintia Island!




During Tibia's 20th Anniversary, Vigintius could allow players to have a shot at the can knockdown game for 100 gp as well as allow access to the treasure hunting zone on Vigintia for 150 gp.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy anything.


BananaBanana3 Gold
MangoMango8 Gold
Party CakeParty Cake50 Gold
PineapplePineapple12 Gold
ShovelShovel10 Gold


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Player: hi
Vigintius: Hi there, Player. It's always a joy to follow your newest heroic deeds in {Tibia}. Oh, and did you hear about the missing member of the {Explorer} Society? There are rumours about a mysterious {inscription} underneath Thais.
Player: Tibia
Vigintius: You've been around a while, sometimes even in {disguise} - not that you could fool me <wink> <wink>. But imagine, there are still places to be discovered! Do you remember that one place, you never figured out how to enter? ...
Vigintius: Took you tons of time but no clue yet, eh? Know what? I've been there. Seen it all - but I won't tell!
Player: disguise
Vigintius: C'mon man. We all get curious about other vocations now and then. Nothing to be ashamed of! Thing is, everything is about {fun} in the end, isn't it?
Player: fun
Vigintius: Yeah, man. Fun is what this is all about! Speaking of fun, sorry I tested that voodoo doll of yours lately. I heard it made you dizzy as a dwarf after a family reunion! I never thought it would actually work. ...
Vigintius: Seriously! Oh and speaking of things to be {sorry} for. There's something else I have to tell you.
Player: sorry
Vigintius: Do you remember that thing that you could have sworn that you'd put it in your depot, but then it was gone? - Well I ate it! Sorry man, I was so drunk. ...
Vigintius: Someone switched my mana pots with wine and in the heat of battle against some dragons, I didn't recognise it. When I returned to town I mistook your depot for mine. ...
Vigintius: Next thing I remember was that I ate this thing out of your depot box. I know it was inedible. Don't ask me how I managed that stunt. My mother always told me I had the digestive system of a dragon. ...
Vigintius: Oh and, well, there is a slight possibility that I might left it in quite a mess! Oh and by the way, that food you had in this backpack - you threw it away anyway, right? But I also have some {good} news!
Player: good
Vigintius: The battle against the dragons! I won, man! And the loot was quite decent! Of course I {almost} died because of the wine prank, but hey, we all almost die now and then, don't we?
Player: almost
Vigintius: Do you remember that time you almost died? Or the other time? Or the other? Hm, thinking about it, you 'almost die' an awful lot. Take better care, man! Would hate to loot your corpse one day. ...
Vigintius: Unless you have that special something with you of course. Then I'd be glad to loot you! - Ah man, just kidding. I'd return your {stuff} of course.
Player: stuff
Vigintius: Boy, you don't know, but you had some really baaaad luck with your loot, y'know? I've peeked into the tables and I've seen you were soooo close to the loot jackpot at least three times. That's what I call bad luck. ...
Vigintius: On the other hand - you never knew, so no harm done. Oh, wait, I just told you. Well - bad luck again I guess, man. Sometimes {ignorance} is bliss.
Player: ignorance
Vigintius: You still remember those times when you were a rookie, don't ya? Well I do and you were one of the rookiest rookies I've ever seen - and I've seen my share, man. ...
Vigintius: How you tried to get out of that hole! Pure comedy, I tell ya. I also know you were a bit afraid of trolls! LOL! Imagine, trolls! ...
Vigintius: And you were scared like mad of orcs: 'Oh, they will kill me! Must get out of here!' Priceless! Don't feel ashamed, man. We all've been there! In the end you turned out quite well I must say! Well, at least you could have turned out {worse}, man.
Player: worse
Vigintius: Yeah, like that one guy that was getting on your nerves in that dungeon. Some people can really be a pain. Can't remember how things turned out back then but I'm pretty sure you remember it quite well <wink>! Ah all those {memories}.
Player: memories
Vigintius: There are so many of them! Like that crazy guy in this one city, wasn't it - Thais? I've definitely seen my share of crazy stuff but that guy was as nuts as a coconut. ...
Vigintius: I wonder what became of him. Do you know? Ah never mind, man. There are too many nice fellows around to care about those who are nuts. As {entertaining} as they might be from time to time.
Player: entertaining
Vigintius: Yeah, just remember all the hunts, the cool people you've met and that guy you befriended? Of course you do, man! That's what this is all about after all! ...
Vigintius: I'm pretty sure you're already on your way to your next adventure and someone's waiting. Don't let an old dodderer like me keep you. Go out there and have fun! Don't forget: I'll keep an eye on ya!
Player: Explorer/inscription
Vigintius: I heard that a member of the Explorer Society was in fact searching for the {First Dragon}. What a foolish endeavour - please excuse this comment. A romantic idea and a brave venture but seriously: the First Dragon. It is just a myth! ...
Vigintius: However the explorer found an ancient inscription underneath the city of Thais. Reportedly he discovered it in the small {cave} where the first time ever a dragon was sighted on Tibia.
Player: First Dragon
Vigintius: The dragon was ancient beyond compare. Eventually even he had to succumb to old age and flew to the dragon cemetery to die there. Or so it is told.
Player: cave
Vigintius: I don't know exactly where it is. Someone told me you have to pass some tunnels full of orcs, somewhere underneath the king's castle. But that might be just gossip.
Player: treasure
Vigintius: The southern beach on this island is reportedly dotted with treasures. You can go there and dig a bit for a small fee. ...
Vigintius: You have a shovel with you, I assume? A real one, it should not be too light and it needs to be large enough so you can dig fast. If not I could offer you one. Interested?
Player: yes
Vigintius: Fine, it will cost you 150 gold to visit the treasure zone once for 90 seconds and no refunds - still willing to risk that investment?
Player: yes
Vigintius: Well then, there you go! You can keep what ever you find! Good luck!
Player: can
Vigintius: Interested in a little game of action? I prepared a bunch of cans just over there - took me a while to build this architectural masterpiece but the more important question is: what does it take you to tear them down? So?
Player: yes
Vigintius: Fine, it will cost you 100 gold for each toss and you can ask me for a {reward}, ready to go?
Player: yes
Vigintius: Well then, there you go! You can keep what ever you find! Good luck!
Player: reward
Vigintius: Alright, let's see what you got! Do you want to check your {bronze} rewards (one to four cans), {silver} rewards (five to seven cans), {gold} rewards (eight to nine cans) or the {main} prize?
Player: bronze/silver/gold (if eligible)
Vigintius: Well done! Here you go!
Player: main (if eligible)
Vigintius: Impressive, you actually knocked all the cans down! You're a true professional, here's your reward!
Player: trade
Vigintius: Of course, just browse through my wares. I sell tasty {food}, if you want some. Also some {other} useful things.
Player: food
Vigintius: Have a look. You can also browse through my {other} wares.
Player: other
Vigintius: Have a look. I also sell tasty {food}, if you want some.
Player: bye
Vigintius: You're already leaving? Well, enjoy the party then!