Raids around Venore

Elf Raid at Venore

The outcast Elves of Shadowthorn will sometimes raid Venore for supplies. They attack from the northern, western and southern entrances of the city.


  1. 00:00: Elven scouts from Shadowthorn have been spotted near Venore! Beware!
  2. 00:04: Venore is under attack!

Elf Scout160/75Elf Scout

Witches Raid at Green Claw Swamp

Approximately 15 Witches spawn in each wave, for a total of 30+ witches during the entire raid. Events:

  1. 00:00: Dark energy is concentrating in the green claw swamp. Something is about to happen there.
  2. 00:05: Unannounced Raid;
  3. 00:10: The wicked witches invade the green claw swamp! Get out there! Or help defeating them!


Hunters Raid north of Green Claw Swamp

10 Bears and 15 Hunters appear in a single patch of trees between the Amazon Camp and the single Hunter spawn. Events:

  1. 00:00 Hunters on the hunt north of the Green Claw Swamp.


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