The Venore Libraries is a collection of libraries that are all found outside of (but closest to) the city of Venore. Books can be found lying around on the Plains of Havoc, in the Green Claw Swamp, in the Dream Realm, and in the Ferngrims Gate area. Venore itself does not contain any libraries, but nevertheless at least one book can be found here.


|Offline Training (Book)

Plains of Havoc

Dark Cathedral

Some bookcases can be found among the ruins of the Dark Cathedral.

Second Floor

These bookcases are found on the second floor underground. As soon as you go down the stairs to the second floor, head north.
Dark Cathedral Library-2

These bookcases are EMPTY:
First, Second, Third

Fourth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
1001 Usages of Poison (Book)Book (Black)?
Sabotage Made Easy (Book)Book (Black)?
The Lie and You (Book)Book (Black)?

Fifth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Close Combat for Experts (Book)Book (Black)?
User Guide of Concealed Weapons (Book)Book (Brown)?
Spycraft Guide VII (Book)Book (Brown)?

Sixth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Assassination for Dummies (Book)Book (Brown)?
Assassination of Dummies (Book)Book (Brown)?

Seventh Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
How to Scam People (Book)Book (Black)?

Third Floor

Dark Cathedral Library-3
The third floor holds quite a few documents which seem to be journals. As soon as you enter the teleport on the second floor, head north.

These bookcases are EMPTY:

Eighth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Indoctrination and Disinformation (Book)ParchmentThe indoctrination process is successful.
Captured Priest (Book)ParchmentA captured priest does not appear dangerous, but the superiors think she may still be a threat.
Brotherhood Mole (Book)ParchmentAn attempt to place a spy inside the Brotherhood of Bones was unsuccessful.

Ninth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Fake Priests (Book)ParchmentFake priests protect a secret training operation.
Lab Accident (Book)ParchmentAn accident in the labs does not disrupt poison brewing, but a new head alchemist is needed.
Assassin Initiation (Book)ParchmentAn assassin initiation ritual causes the death of a student.
Port Hope Contact (Book)ParchmentStill unable to make contact with the dworcs in trapwood.

TBI Knows about Mole (Book)
Tenth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Scammer Scammed (Book)ParchmentA scammer got scammed and then killed by Malicious.
Unreliable Smugglers (Book)Book (Black)Smugglers are unreliable for getting supplies, but they may be the only best option.

Assassin Report on Noxious (Book)TBI File 006ZAH8 (Book)

Eleventh Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description

Possibly Two Bases (Book)
Twelfth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Dead Merchant (Book)Stamped LetterPositive comments on the assassination of a merchant.
Noxious as Touchstone (Book)Stamped LetterIt discusses the feasibility of hiring Ned Noxious.

Abandoned Monastery

Abandoned Monastery Library
One floor up in the Abandoned Monastery three bookcases are located. These can only be reached through levitation.

First Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
New Recruits (Book)Book (Brown)?
Dark Prophecies (Book)Book (Black)?
New Generation (Book)Book (Brown)?
Expenses (Book)Book (Brown)?
Death of Falnus (Book)Book (Black)?

Second Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Minotaur Puppetry (Book)Book (Black)?
May Banor Bless Our Souls (Book)Book (Black)Appears to be a prayer to the gods.
Facing Goshnar (Book)Book (Brown)?
Beginnings of the Nightmare Knights (Book)Book (Black)?
Knightwatch Tower (Book)Book (Brown)?

Third Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Dream Challenge Completed (Book)Book (Black)?
Fermuba Hides (Book)Book (Black)?
Mysterious Dreams (Book)Book (Black)?
Warrior-Mages (Book)Book (Brown)?
Hugo Trapped (Book)Book (Brown)?
Dream Challenge Too Easy (Book)Book (Brown)?

Necromant House

Necromant House Library
This library is located here, on the second floor of the building.

First Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Selfmade Skeletons (Book)Book (Black)Book (Brown)Selfmade Skeletons By BH
How to Manipulate Runes (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Black)How to manipulate Runes.
1000 Alchemical Uses of Urine (Book)Book (Black)?
Stylish Wizard Robes (Book)Book (Brown)?

Second Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Undead (Book)Book (Brown)?
How to Conjure a Lag (Book)Book (Brown)?
The Ruthless Seven (Book)Book (Brown)?
Death - an Improved Form of Life? (Book)Book (Brown)?
The Dragons (Book)Book (Black)?

Third Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Famous Necromancers (Book)Book (Black)?
Fun with Runes (Book)Book (Black)?
The Magic of the Ghouls (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Black)The magic of the Ghouls
Spells above MAG 30 (Book)Book (Brown)?
The Secrets of Rune Magic (Book)Book (Brown)?
Magic of Nature (Book)Book (Brown)?

Fourth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Language of the Wolves (Book)Book (Brown)The Language of the Wolves.
My Life as a Spoon (Book)Book (Brown)?
Rings of Magic (Book)Book (Black)?
Forbidden Secrets of Magic! (Book)Book (Black)?

Strange Things can Happen (Book)What Runes are Made Of (Book)
Fifth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Flower Power (Book)Book (Black)?
How to Create Spellbooks (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Black)How to create spellbooks by Muriel.

Vivisection made Easy (Book)Demons, Book I (Book)Demons, Book II (Book)
Sixth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Tales from the Crypt (Book)Book (Brown)Tales from the crypt by an unknown necromancer
Secrets of Zathroth (Book)Book (Black)?

A Necromancers Apprentice (Book)

Seventh (Counter)
NameBook TypeShort Description

Cyclops Camp

Diary of Hengis Wulfson (Book)Dear Son! (Book)
Cyclops Camp Books
NameBook TypeShort Description
Cyclops Complaint (Book)Book (Black)A cyclops complains about the nearby bonelords.
Proud Cyclops (Book)Book (Brown)A cyclops has robbed a human knight.
Cyclops ABCs (Book)Book (Brown)A smart cyclops shows what he was taught by Hengis Wulfson.


Dear Muriel! (Book)Diary of Hengis Wulfson (Book)Krendorak's Journal (Book)
Other Books
NameBook TypeShort Description
All is Lost! (Book)Book (Black)Laira mourns the loss of her husband Arcian.
Banor I Praise Your Name (Book)Book (Black)?
One Hope (Book)Book (Black)Camdrek hopes there is still hope for the ailing Nightmare Knights.
The Dreammaster (Book)Book (Black)Camdrek ponders the fate of the Nightmare Knights.
The Holy Tible (Book)The Holy Tible?
The Plains of Havoc (Book)Book (Black)Monks plan to leave the Isle of Mists
Tricking Hugo (Book)Book (Brown)?
We Failed (Book)Book (Black)The last words of the last highlord of the Nightmare Knights

Green Claw Swamp

Villa Scapula

The first book can be found in a hidden underground passage at the red exclamation mark below, on a barrel in the swamps, northwest of Villa Scapula. The other seven books are located inside Villa Scapula, on different floors and in different locations. The last one can only be obtained during a quest and is not included in the picture. All eight books together make up a role-playing background to explain the story of the Black Knight.

Black knight Map Black Knight Books

In order
NameBook TypeShort Description
Note to Any Late Arrivers (Book)Wrinkled ParchmentThe Royal Army Commander's new house sinks into the swamp.
Black Knight Journal Day 1 (Book)Wrinkled ParchmentThe Royal Army Commander tries to dig his way out.
Black Knight Journal Day 5 (Book)Wrinkled ParchmentThe Royal Army Commander discovers some caves that make his progress easier.
Black Knight Journal Day 9 (Book)Wrinkled ParchmentThe Royal Army Commander runs low on water, but can hear someone else digging.
Black Knight Meets Bonelords (Book)Wrinkled ParchmentThe Royal Army Commander encounters Bonelords underground.
Black Knight Gives Up on Humans (Book)Wrinkled ParchmentThe Black Knight lives in relative peace with the Bonelords and has been forsaken by humans.
The Black Knight's Last Moments of Sanity (Book)Sheet of PaperThe Black Knight finally breaks all sane contact with his human half, and turns on humans.
Black Knight Forsakes Thais (Book)ParchmentThe Black Knight turns on Thais and the TBI.

Wyda's House

Herbs and Plants 1 (Book)Herbs and Plants 2 (Book)
Wyda's House
NameBook TypeShort Description
Wyrd Sisters (Book)Book (Brown)?


Grossom Diary (Book)
NameBook TypeShort Description
Bewitched (Book)Book (Black)Instructions for the Bewitched event/quest.
Holy Book of Swamptrolls (Book)Book (Black)A swamp troll finds a round, black and white gift from the gods.
How to Curse a Soul (Book)Book (Brown Square)An instructional book on how to curse and redeem a soul.
ID Card (Book)DocumentSir Fred Mothbone is recognised as a royal explorer under Tibianus II.
Rituals of Trolls (Book)Book (Brown Square)?
Surviving in the Swamp (Book)Book (Black)?

Dream Realm

Near the Dream Master

This section of the Dream Realm is a fascinating and mysterious depository for books filled with information on the Nightmare Knights and their battle against the Ruthless Seven. To be able to access this area, you need to work on or have the Dreamer's Challenge Quest completed.

Dream Realm Library

What Dreams are Made of (Book)
First Bookshelf
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Dream Machine (Book)Book (Brown)Nightmare knights log about Necromancers Nectar.
In the Realm of Dreams (Book)Book (Brown)Guide for the dreamwalker
Sleepwalking for Fools (Book)Book (Black)Sleepwalking for fools
Dreamwalking for Beginners (Book)Book (Black)Dreamwalking for Beginners
Dreamwalking for Experts (Book)Book (Black)Dreamwalking for Experts

Nightmares are Not Your Enemies (Book)
Second Bookshelf
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Dreamfortresses (Book)Book (Black)Tale about how dreams are meant to be an instrument of self-finding and prophecy, not a weapon.
When They Killed the Youngster (Book)Book (Black)A poem.
Evil Often Seems Invincible (Book)Book (Black)Description of the concept of evil.
Greed, Selfishness and Hate (Book)Book (Brown)?
The Art of Dreamwalking (Book)Book (Brown)A guide to Dreamwalking

The Weapon was Hidden Well (Book)When the Tower Falls (Book)He, Who Commands Those Who Should Have Left the World (Book)The Nightmare Chronicles Volume VII (Book)The Necromancers Nectar (Book)
Third Bookshelf
NameBook TypeShort Description
Today the Last of the Elves Returned (Book)Book (Black)Unknown person's log.

In the Box (Quest) past the Sealed Door
NameBook TypeShort Description
Know This, Lord Protector (Book)Book (Black)Lord Protectors of the Nightmare Knights are told how to create the outfit scrolls for the Nightmare Outfits.

Sleeping Quarters

Before you can enter the Dream Realm, you have to prove your worthiness by doing the Dreamer's Challenge Quest. During one of the tests, you come across what seems to be a sleeping quarter. Several books can be found there, which can read below.

Dreamer's Challenge Quest Library

First Chest
NameBook TypeShort Description
Sorceress Misses Ronur (Book)Book (Brown)?
Transplaner Semimatter is Polymorph (Book)Book (Black)?

Roll, Roll, Roll The Barrel (Book)
Second Chest
NameBook TypeShort Description
Snoring Dwarf (Book)Book (Brown)?

Third Chest (Quest))
NameBook TypeShort Description
Book of the Lost Heroes (Book)Book (Black)Six heroes receive honourable mentions.

Fourth Chest
NameBook TypeShort Description
Transplaner Semimatter is Polymorph (Book)Book (Black)?
How to Seduce Women in Seven Steps (Book)Book (Black)?

Telmur Repay Debts (Book)
Fifth Chest
NameBook TypeShort Description
Transplaner Semimatter is Polymorph (Book)Book (Black)?

Sixth Book
NameBook TypeShort Description
Ratmeat Attacked Castle (Book)Book (Black)?

Seventh Book
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Secret Diaries of Emanuelle (Book)Book (Brown)?

Eighth Chest
NameBook TypeShort Description
Coalblack and the Seven Elves (Book)Book (Brown)?

Ferngrims Gate

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