Variphor is an entity that existed somehow between the worlds; between "existence" and "non-existence". It was discovered by the Yalahari in their quest for knowledge. Originally unbeknown to them it had vicious nature, however, and soon the Yalahari's discovery turned against them; manipulating them into killing each other one night, when most of the them were killed. The rest then fled their island, which was left to their former minions. It is unknown what became of Variphor, but rumours tell of one of the Yalahari who returned, now under the influence of Variphor, to cause destruction once again in Yalahar.

As an attempt to fight Variphor, some of the Yalahari sailed to Gray Beach. Their plan was to use the Insectoids there as an army to kill everyone in Yalahar, and the existence of Variphor with them. Despite their initial success in creating this army, the research team is constantly being attacked by native specimens, as well as suffering from treachery among themselves. Ultimately, the lead researcher becomes completely paranoid believing Variphor is sabotaging its mission and the entire team perishes when the backup they requested doesn't arrive (by this time, the city of Yalahar has already been taken by the evil Yalahari).

Throughout Tibia, evil entities are frequently mentioned, though the name of Variphor itself rarely appears outside of Yalahar's lore, so it's not possible to be certain if Variphor is behind all the evil. There are two other more direct accounts of Variphor: it's suspected that Variphor is behind the creation of the Cults of Tibia, since at the end of the questline its discovered that a Zarcorix of Yalahar was behind The Source of Corruption, possibly under the influence of Variphor. Likewise, it's suspected that Variphor is responsible for the nightmares that haunt Roshamuul and also started to invade Feyrist, since the Prince Drazzak says VARIPHOR WILL RULE!.

Dedoras reveals to players that Mazarius, the one who steals The Godbreaker, is working for Variphor. This NPC has a vast knowledge of Variphor and explains that it was it that has stolen the god-killing Weapon Ferumbras was also trying to obtain. Variphor's minions, then, seek to steal the ancient knowledge of Zathroth, which is required to use the weapon and hidden inside his Secret Library. When trying to prevent this from happening, the Tibians fail even after defeating The Scourge of Oblivion (AMIDST THE DISTRACTION THE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE GODBREAKER HAS BEEN STOLEN!). Variphor now possess both The Godbreaker and the knowledge to use it.

There are also other factions and creatures that were victim of an unknown evil, possibly Variphor:

  • Zao, the Lizard land, was attacked by a "Corruption" that devastated the lands and created new races of creatures. It's possible that this corruption was caused by Variphor and lead to the Wrath of the Emperor.
  • The lore of the Warzones revolve around Those Below, fearsome army generals that are organizing attacks on Dwarves and Gnome settlements and outposts. In some books, it's questioned whether they are the bosses or working for a stronger entity, which could be Variphor.
  • The Were-sickness, which begun in Grimvale and started spreading across Edron, has an unknown source. After the discovery that the Ley Lines were being used to fight the protective magic cast by the Edron Academy, suspicious arouse that there's more to the sickness than it being a simple contagious disease. The hideout of the Werecreatures bosses resembles the Warzones 4-6 significantly, since both areas have Lava Flows and Obsidian Pipes.
  • The Order of the Falcon used to be an order of the best Knights of Tibia, until they started becoming evil and ended up as undead knights. Also, the Falcons hold one of the secrets to access the Secret Library.
  • The Dreamelves were also peaceful creatures, but something corrupted them and they started fighting each other, probably as an attempt to release The Nightmare Beast which they locked up many years ago.
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