You see Valindara
NPC Bubble D.gif
  • I'm eager for a bath in the lake.
  • I'm interested in shiny precious things, if you have some.
  • No, you can't have this cloak.




This NPC has no notes.

Trade Details


Amber (Item).gifAmber (Item)20,000 Gold
Amber with a Bug.gifAmber with a Bug41,000 Gold
Amber with a Dragonfly.gifAmber with a Dragonfly56,000 Gold
Ancient Coin.gifAncient Coin350 Gold
Bar of Gold.gifBar of Gold10,000 Gold
Black Pearl.gifBlack Pearl280 Gold
Blue Crystal Shard.gifBlue Crystal Shard1,500 Gold
Blue Crystal Splinter.gifBlue Crystal Splinter400 Gold
Blue Rose.gifBlue Rose200 Gold
Brown Crystal Splinter.gifBrown Crystal Splinter400 Gold
Butterfly Ring.gifButterfly Ring2,000 Gold
Colourful Snail Shell.gifColourful Snail Shell250 Gold
Coral Brooch.gifCoral Brooch750 Gold
Crunor Idol.gifCrunor Idol30,000 Gold
Cyan Crystal Fragment.gifCyan Crystal Fragment800 Gold
Dandelion Seeds.gifDandelion Seeds200 Gold
Diamond.gifDiamond15,000 Gold
Dragon Figurine.gifDragon Figurine45,000 Gold
Dream Blossom Staff.gifDream Blossom Staff5,000 Gold
Eldritch Crystal.gifEldritch Crystal48,000 Gold
Empty Potion Flask (Large).gifEmpty Potion Flask (Large)5 Gold
Empty Potion Flask (Medium).gifEmpty Potion Flask (Medium)5 Gold
Empty Potion Flask (Small).gifEmpty Potion Flask (Small)5 Gold
Fairy Wings.gifFairy Wings200 Gold
Fern.gifFern20 Gold
Gemmed Figurine.gifGemmed Figurine3,500 Gold
Giant Amethyst.gifGiant Amethyst60,000 Gold
Giant Emerald.gifGiant Emerald90,000 Gold
Giant Ruby.gifGiant Ruby70,000 Gold
Giant Sapphire.gifGiant Sapphire50,000 Gold
Giant Shimmering Pearl (Brown).gifGiant Shimmering Pearl (Brown)3,000 Gold
Giant Shimmering Pearl (Green).gifGiant Shimmering Pearl (Green)3,000 Gold
Giant Topaz.gifGiant Topaz80,000 Gold
Goat Grass.gifGoat Grass50 Gold
Gold Ingot.gifGold Ingot5,000 Gold
Gold Nugget.gifGold Nugget850 Gold
Golden Figurine.gifGolden Figurine3,000 Gold
Green Crystal Fragment.gifGreen Crystal Fragment800 Gold
Green Crystal Shard.gifGreen Crystal Shard1,500 Gold
Green Crystal Splinter.gifGreen Crystal Splinter400 Gold
Hexagonal Ruby.gifHexagonal Ruby30,000 Gold
Hibiscus Dress.gifHibiscus Dress3,000 Gold
Leaf Star.gifLeaf Star50 Gold
Lion Figurine.gifLion Figurine10,000 Gold
Mandrake.gifMandrake5,000 Gold
Moonstone.gifMoonstone13,000 Gold
Onyx Chip.gifOnyx Chip500 Gold
Opal.gifOpal500 Gold
Ornate Locket.gifOrnate Locket18,000 Gold
Panpipes.gifPanpipes150 Gold
Powder Herb.gifPowder Herb10 Gold
Prismatic Quartz.gifPrismatic Quartz450 Gold
Rainbow Quartz.gifRainbow Quartz500 Gold
Red Crystal Fragment.gifRed Crystal Fragment800 Gold
Red Rose.gifRed Rose10 Gold
Shimmering Beetles.gifShimmering Beetles150 Gold
Skull Coin.gifSkull Coin12,000 Gold
Sling Herb.gifSling Herb10 Gold
Small Amethyst.gifSmall Amethyst200 Gold
Small Diamond.gifSmall Diamond300 Gold
Small Emerald.gifSmall Emerald250 Gold
Small Enchanted Amethyst.gifSmall Enchanted Amethyst200 Gold
Small Enchanted Emerald.gifSmall Enchanted Emerald250 Gold
Small Enchanted Ruby.gifSmall Enchanted Ruby250 Gold
Small Enchanted Sapphire.gifSmall Enchanted Sapphire250 Gold
Small Ruby.gifSmall Ruby250 Gold
Small Sapphire.gifSmall Sapphire250 Gold
Small Topaz.gifSmall Topaz200 Gold
Star Herb.gifStar Herb15 Gold
Stone Herb.gifStone Herb20 Gold
Summer Dress.gifSummer Dress1,500 Gold
Tiger Eye.gifTiger Eye350 Gold
Unicorn Figurine.gifUnicorn Figurine50,000 Gold
Vial.gifVial5 Gold
Violet Crystal Shard.gifViolet Crystal Shard1,500 Gold
Watermelon Tourmaline (Pear).gifWatermelon Tourmaline (Pear)230,000 Gold
Watermelon Tourmaline (Slice).gifWatermelon Tourmaline (Slice)30,000 Gold
Wedding Ring.gifWedding Ring100 Gold
White Gem.gifWhite Gem12,000 Gold
White Pearl.gifWhite Pearl160 Gold
White Silk Flower.gifWhite Silk Flower9,000 Gold
Wild Flowers.gifWild Flowers120 Gold
Wood Cape.gifWood Cape5,000 Gold
Wooden Spellbook.gifWooden Spellbook12,000 Gold