You see Uzgod
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  • By the sons of fire! Best weapons in town!


Below the Kazordoon depot on Shops Street.


His full name is Uzgod Hammerslammer, son of Fire, from the Savage Axes.
Uzgod deals in weapons.

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Part of The Explorer Society Quest, Joining the Explorers mission.

Part of The Traveling Trader Quest, fifth mission.

Part of the Obsidian Knife Quest.
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Trade Details


Item   Value
Axe Weapons Weapons7
Battle Axe Weapons Weapons80
Battle Hammer Weapons Weapons120
Bone Club Weapons Weapons5
Bone Sword Weapons Weapons20
Carlin Sword Weapons Weapons118
Club Weapons Weapons1
Crowbar Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment50
Dagger Weapons Weapons2
Double Axe Weapons Weapons260
Fire Sword Weapons Weapons1,000
Halberd Weapons Weapons400
Hand Axe Weapons Weapons4
Hatchet Weapons Weapons25
Katana Weapons Weapons35
Longsword Weapons Weapons51
Mace Weapons Weapons30
Morning Star Weapons Weapons100
Orcish Axe Weapons Weapons350
Rapier Weapons Weapons5
Sabre Weapons Weapons12
Short Sword Weapons Weapons10
Sickle Weapons Weapons3
Small Axe Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment5
Spear Weapons Weapons3
Spike Sword Weapons Weapons240
Studded Club Weapons Weapons10
Swampling Club Weapons Weapons40
Sword Weapons Weapons25
Throwing Knife Weapons Weapons2
Two Handed Sword Weapons Weapons450
War Hammer Weapons Weapons470


Item   Value
Arrow Weapons Weapons3
Axe Weapons Weapons20
Battle Axe Weapons Weapons235
Battle Hammer Weapons Weapons350
Blue Quiver Body Equipment Body Equipment400
Bolt Weapons Weapons4
Bone Sword Weapons Weapons75
Bow Weapons Weapons400
Carlin Sword Weapons Weapons473
Club Weapons Weapons5
Crossbow Weapons Weapons500
Crowbar Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment260
Dagger Weapons Weapons5
Durable Exercise Axe Weapons Weapons945,000
Durable Exercise Bow Weapons Weapons945,000
Durable Exercise Club Weapons Weapons945,000
Durable Exercise Sword Weapons Weapons945,000
Exercise Axe Weapons Weapons262,500
Exercise Bow Weapons Weapons262,500
Exercise Club Weapons Weapons262,500
Exercise Sword Weapons Weapons262,500
Hand Axe Weapons Weapons8
Lasting Exercise Axe Weapons Weapons7,560,000
Lasting Exercise Bow Weapons Weapons7,560,000
Lasting Exercise Club Weapons Weapons7,560,000
Lasting Exercise Sword Weapons Weapons7,560,000
Longsword Weapons Weapons160
Mace Weapons Weapons90
Morning Star Weapons Weapons430
Quiver Body Equipment Body Equipment400
Rapier Weapons Weapons15
Red Quiver Body Equipment Body Equipment400
Sabre Weapons Weapons35
Short Sword Weapons Weapons26
Sickle Weapons Weapons7
Spear Weapons Weapons9
Spike Sword Weapons Weapons8,000
Sword Weapons Weapons85
Throwing Knife Weapons Weapons25
Two Handed Sword Weapons Weapons950
War Hammer Weapons Weapons10,000


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Player: hello
Uzgod: Hiho Player! Wanna {weapon}, eh?
Player: weapon
Uzgod: See my weapons, light an' heavy ones? Ask for {trade}.
Player: trade
Uzgod: Fine weapons, eh?
Player: name
Uzgod: Me is Uzgod Hammerslammer, son of Fire from the Savage Axes.
Player: job
Uzgod: Me a blacksmith is, an' weapons me sell. You want buy weapons?
Player: time
Uzgod: Time is 9:48 pm now.
Player: excalibug
Uzgod: You want sell me excalibug for 1,000 platinum coins and an enchanted armor?
Player: anything
Uzgod: You joke with me!
Player: excalibug
Uzgod: You want sell me excalibug for 1,000 platinum coins and an enchanted armor?
Player: no
Uzgod: Me wouldn't sell it, too.
Player: dungeon
Uzgod: We no dungeon need. We prison isle have.
Player: monsters
Uzgod: Me make often hunt on big nasties. Me small, but very big muscles me have, jawoll.
Player: prison isle
Uzgod: Bad ones locked up there. Never come out again there, jawoll.
Player: poem
Uzgod: Can't you see I'm working?
Player: bye
Uzgod: Guut bye. Coming back soon, Player.